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Mathieu, Luc - Geometric Tolerancing of Products, e-kirja

Geometric Tolerancing of Products

Mathieu, Luc

Alk. 127,40€

This title describes the various research results in the field of geometric tolerancing of products, an activity that highlights the difficult scientific locks. The collection is of great importance for further innovation in the development of industrial products.

Talman, Richard - Geometric Mechanics, e-kirja

Geometric Mechanics

Talman, Richard


Mechanics for the nonmathematician-a modern approach

For physicists, mechanics is quite obviously geometric, yet the classical approach typically emphasizes abstract, mathematical formalism. Setting out to make mechanics both accessible and interesting for nonmathematicians,

Arthur, John W. - Understanding Geometric Algebra for Electromagnetic Theory, e-kirja

Understanding Geometric Algebra for Electromagnetic Theory

Arthur, John W.


This book aims to disseminate geometric algebra as a straightforward mathematical tool set for working with and understanding classical electromagnetic theory. It's target readership is anyone who has some knowledge of electromagnetic theory, predominantly ordinary scientists and engineers

Cavaliere, Roberto - Geometric Optics, e-kirja

Geometric Optics

Cavaliere, Roberto


Table of contents
1. Fermat’s Principle and General Considerations Regarding Centered Optical Systems
Antonio Romano, Roberto Cavaliere
2. Gaussian Optics
Antonio Romano, Roberto Cavaliere
3. Fermat’s Principle and Third-Order Aberrations

Artin, E. - Geometric Algebra, e-kirja

Geometric Algebra

Artin, E.


This classic text, written by one of the foremost mathematicians of the 20th century, is now available in a low-priced paperback edition. Exposition is centered on the foundations of affine geometry, the geometry of quadratic forms, and the structure…

Matousek, Jiri - Geometric Discrepancy, e-kirja

Geometric Discrepancy

Matousek, Jiri


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Jiří Matoušek
2. Low-Discrepancy Sets for Axis-Parallel Boxes
Jiří Matoušek
3. Upper Bounds in the Lebesgue-Measure Setting
Jiří Matoušek
4. Combinatorial Discrepancy
Jiří Matoušek

Dorst, Leo - Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice, e-kirja

Guide to Geometric Algebra in Practice

Dorst, Leo


Estimating Motors from a Variety of Geometric Data in 3D Conformal Geometric Algebra
Robert Valkenburg, Leo Dorst
3. Inverse Kinematics Solutions Using Conformal Geometric Algebra
Andreas Aristidou, Joan Lasenby
4. Reconstructing Rotations and Rigid

Bonner, Jay - Islamic Geometric Patterns, e-kirja

Islamic Geometric Patterns

Bonner, Jay


2 Differentiation: Geometric Diversity and Design Classification
Jay Bonner
3. 3 Polygonal Design Methodology
Jay Bonner
4. 4 Computer Algorithms for Star Pattern Construction
Jay Bonner, Craig S. Kaplan