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Callery, Mark P. - Handbook of Reoperative General Surgery, e-kirja

Handbook of Reoperative General Surgery

Callery, Mark P.


The Handbook of Reoperative General Surgery offers a technical overview of one of surgery's greatest challenges-reoperation. Emphasizing the complications of each disease as well as reoperative procedures, this indispensable

Coventry, Brendon J. - General Surgery Risk Reduction, e-kirja

General Surgery Risk Reduction

Coventry, Brendon J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Brendon J. Coventry
2. General Perioperative Complications
Brendon J. Coventry, Martin Bruening, Robert Whitfield, Jonathan Yong
3. Surgical Infection
Matthias Maiwald, Andreas F. Widmer, David Shaw, Brendon J. Coventry
4. Preoperative Risk Assessment and Intraoperative

Kim, Keith Chae - Robotics in General Surgery, e-kirja

Robotics in General Surgery

Kim, Keith Chae


Overview of General Advantages, Limitations, and Strategies
Erik B. Wilson, Hossein Bagshahi, Vicky D. Woodruff
Part II. Surgical Techniques: Esophagus
4. Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy
Abbas E. Abbas, Mark R. Dylewski

Norton, Jeffrey A. - Surgery, e-kirja


Norton, Jeffrey A.


History of Surgery of the Gastrointestinal Tract
Sean J. Mulvihill, Haile T. Debas
42. Assessment of Acute Abdominal Symptoms
William P. Schecter
43. Principles of Minimally Invasive Surgery
Theodore N. Pappas, Alison M. Fecher
44. Esophagus

Chen, Herbert - Illustrative Handbook of General Surgery, e-kirja

Illustrative Handbook of General Surgery

Chen, Herbert


Breast Conservation Surgery (Surgical Biopsy, Lumpectomy, Nipple Exploration, Partial Mastectomy)
Lee G. Wilke, Jennifer G. Steiman
10. Mastectomy
Jacquelynn D. Arbuckle, Lee G. Wilke
11. Axillary Procedures for Breast Cancer
Sara E. Holden, Heather

Dangleben, Dale A. - Acute Care General Surgery, e-kirja

Acute Care General Surgery

Dangleben, Dale A.


Table of contents
1. Appendiceal Mucocele
Bogdan Ionescu, Christie Hirsch-Reilly
2. Acute Appendicitis
Lissa C. Sakata, Lindsey Perea
3. Colonic Volvulus
Carlos J. Glanville Miranda, Firas G. Madbak
4. Acute Cholecystitis/Biliary…