Haku "Flash"

Hermundstad, Helen - Flash MX - INSPIRA GRUNDER, e-kirja


Hermundstad, Helen


Genom att använda Flash kan du skapa snygga och effektfulla animationer. Flash är enkelt att använda, men fungerar samtidigt annorlunda än de flesta andra program som du förmodligen använder. Steg för steg får du lära dig viktiga funktioner

Aritome, Seiichi - NAND Flash Memory Technologies, e-kirja

NAND Flash Memory Technologies

Aritome, Seiichi


Examines the history, basic structure, and processes of NAND flash memory
This book discusses basic and advanced NAND flash memory technologies, including the principle of NAND flash, memory cell technologies, multi-bits cell technologies, scaling

O'Rourke, Jodie - Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies, e-kirja

Flash Mobile Application Development For Dummies

O'Rourke, Jodie


The fun-and-easy guide to developing cool Flash apps for mobile devices
Flash is installed on 98 percent of browsers and runs on most smartphones, delivering RIA content and videos. With Flash 10.1 for mobile devices, developers have the perfect tool

Andres, Clay - Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst, e-kirja

Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst

Andres, Clay


Table of contents
1. Flex and AIR: Taking RIAs to the Next Level
Steven Peeters
2. Flex 4 SDK: Overview of the New Features
Steven Peeters
3. Flash Builder 4: The programming environment
Steven Peeters
4. Flash Catalyst: bridging the gap
Steven Peeters
5. Choosing the Best Workflow

Jochimsen, John - 80 Years Gone in a Flash, e-kirja

80 Years Gone in a Flash

Jochimsen, John


Eighty Years gone in a Flash traces the remarkable story in his own words, and with his own incredible pictures. From life at The News of the World to the jungles of Malaya, John provides an honest, witty and touching account of a colourful career spanning more than

Dias, Tiago - Foundation Flash CS5 for Designers, e-kirja

Foundation Flash CS5 for Designers

Dias, Tiago


Learning the Flash CS5 Professional Interface
Tom Green, Tiago Dias
2. Graphics in Flash CS5
Tom Green, Tiago Dias
3. Symbols and Libraries
Tom Green, Tiago Dias
4. ActionScript Basics
Tom Green, Tiago Dias
5. Audio in Flash CS5

Yoshida, Jun-ichi - Flash Chemistry: Fast Organic Synthesis in Microsystems, e-kirja

Flash Chemistry: Fast Organic Synthesis in Microsystems

Yoshida, Jun-ichi


Have you ever wished you could speed up your organic syntheses without losing control of the reaction? Flash Chemistry  is a new concept which offers an integrated scheme for fast, controlled organic synthesis. It brings together the generation of highly reactive species and their reactions