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Atkin, Brian - Total Facility Management, e-kirja

Total Facility Management

Atkin, Brian


The importance of effective facility management in enabling organizations to function efficiently is widely recognized. The fourth edition of Total Facility Management offers a comprehensive treatment of what facility management

Finch, Edward - Facilities Change Management, e-kirja

Facilities Change Management

Finch, Edward


Yet the facilities that organisations occupy are static and can impede the changes that are essential to organisational survival. The response to change in terms of property and support services is often too little too late - leading to facilities

Pheng, Low Sui - Service Quality for Facilities Management in Hospitals, e-kirja

Service Quality for Facilities Management in Hospitals

Pheng, Low Sui


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Low Sui Pheng, Zhu Rui
2. Facilities Management and Singapore’s Healthcare System
Low Sui Pheng, Zhu Rui
3. SERVQUAL, the Kano Model and QFD
Low Sui Pheng, Zhu Rui
4. Conceptual Framework
Low Sui Pheng, Zhu Rui
5. Research Methodology
Low Sui Pheng,

Martin, David - The A-Z of Facilities and Property Management, e-kirja

The A-Z of Facilities and Property Management

Martin, David


This major new reference work, in an easy-to-use A-Z format, covers all aspects of facilities and property strategy, administration and control, backed up by a wealth of practical suggestions. All businesses are in effect "in property" - but only a minority manage their property efficiently.

Wiggins, Jane M. - Facilities Manager's Desk Reference, e-kirja

Facilities Manager's Desk Reference

Wiggins, Jane M.

Alk. 54,65€

An invaluable source of highly relevant, practical information on the all the principal FM services, written for the practicing facilities manager in an easily readable, concise format.
To help the facilities manager meet the needs of their organisation,

Mallory-Hill, Shauna - Enhancing Building Performance, e-kirja

Enhancing Building Performance

Mallory-Hill, Shauna


Enhancing Building Performance presents the latest BPE work, providing a systematic approach for those who wish to use BPE to deliver improved building performance that is responsive to the needs of stakeholders. With chapters written by…

Neuman, David J. - Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities, e-kirja

Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities

Neuman, David J.


Essential information for the design of college and university facilities
Building Type Basics for College and University Facilities, Second Edition is your one-stop reference for the essential information you need to confidently begin the planning process and successfully complete the