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Kirschbaum, Stanislav J. - Central European History and the European Union, e-kirja

Central European History and the European Union

Kirschbaum, Stanislav J.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stanislav J. Kirschbaum
Part I. Whence Central Europe?
2. European Roots: the Case of Slovakia
Stanislav J. Kirschbaum
3. Federalism in Central Europe: Past and Present
Francesco Leoncini
4. Toward an Open Society: Reflections on the 1989 Revolution in Eastern Europe

Hayward, Jack - European Disunion, e-kirja

European Disunion

Hayward, Jack


National Governments, the European Council and Councils of Ministers: A Plurality of Sovereignties. Member State Sovereigns without an EU Sovereign
Jack Hayward
7. The European Commission Bureaucracy: Handling Sovereignty

Hamuľák, Ondrej - National Sovereignty in the European Union, e-kirja

National Sovereignty in the European Union

Hamuľák, Ondrej


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Ondrej Hamuľák
2. Constitutionalism Beyond the State
Ondrej Hamuľák
3. Shared Entitlement to Legitimate Violence in the EU and Its Theoretical Outcomes
Ondrej Hamuľák
4. Sovereignty Vis-á-Vis Moloch of European Integration
Ondrej Hamuľák
5. Practical

Council, of Economic Experts German - Dual Income Tax, e-kirja

Dual Income Tax

Council, of Economic Experts German


Table of contents
1. Dual Income Tax: Supporting Arguments and Design – An Overview
2. Taxing Corporations and Their Shareholders
3. Taxing Transparent Entities
4. Individual Aspects of Dual Income Tax

Everett, Wendy  - European Identity in Cinema, e-kirja

European Identity in Cinema

Everett, Wendy


The identity of European cinema, like the identity of Europe itself, is multiple, complex, and fascinating. Providing both a general survey of contemporary European cinema production, distribution and exhibition and detailed critical analysis of specific

Giang, Susanne My - Solidarity in the European Union, e-kirja

Solidarity in the European Union

Giang, Susanne My


Introduction: Solidarity Lost? The European Union and the Crisis of One of Its Core Values
Andreas Grimmel, Susanne My Giang
Part I. Solidarity as a Concept and Fundamental Value in the European Union
2. Applying the Idea of Solidarity to Europe

Pinder, John - The European Union: A Very Short Introduction, e-kirja

The European Union: A Very Short Introduction

Pinder, John


John Pinder writes with expert knowledge of the European Union but in plain, readable English. He shows how and why the Union has developed from 1950 up to now. He explains the interplay between governments and federal elements in the institutions; consensus over the single market and the

Holland, Martin - European Union and the Third World, e-kirja

European Union and the Third World

Holland, Martin


Contents Introduction: Setting the Context Four Decades of African, Caribbean and Pacific Relations Latin America and Asia Decision-making and Reforming Institutional Structures Complementarity and Conditionality: Evaluating Good Governance Regimes, Trade and Trading Relations The 1996-2000 Reform

Blanke, Hermann-Josef - The Treaty on European Union (TEU), e-kirja

The Treaty on European Union (TEU)

Blanke, Hermann-Josef


Article 45 [Tasks and Powers of the European Defence Agency]
Hermann-Josef Blanke, Stelio Mangiameli
47. Article 46 [Permanent Structured Cooperation]
Hermann-Josef Blanke, Stelio Mangiameli
Title VI. Final Provisions
48. Article 47 [The Legal Personality