Haku "Environmental Economics"

Böhringer, Christoph - Applied Research in Environmental Economics, e-kirja

Applied Research in Environmental Economics

Böhringer, Christoph


Should Environmental Policy Discriminate Between Exposed and Sheltered Sectors?
Cees A. Withagen
7. Ecological-Economic Models for Improving the Cost-Effectiveness of Biodiversity Conservation Policies
Frank Wätzold, Martin Drechsler, Volker Grimm, Jaroslav

Huber, Bruce R. - Environmental Law and Economics, e-kirja

Environmental Law and Economics

Huber, Bruce R.


Sustainable Development, Economic Growth and Environmental Regulation
Klaus Mathis
2. Temporal Spillovers
Bruce R. Huber
3. Environmental Law and Economics in Europe
Sebastian Heselhaus
4. Defending Environmental

Brahm, Laurence J. - Fusion Economics, e-kirja

Fusion Economics

Brahm, Laurence J.


Fusion Economics: Burying Ideology, Dumping Theory, and Adopting Pragmatism
2. Reengineering China: Ending Ideology and Getting Pragmatic
Laurence J. Brahm
3. Voodoo Economics: Oust Outside Theory and Adopt Local Solutions

II, Woodrow W. Clark - The Next Economics, e-kirja

The Next Economics

II, Woodrow W. Clark


Qualitative Economics: The Science Needed in Economics
Michael Fast, Woodrow W. Clark
5. Energy Planning for Regional and National Needs: A Case Study – The California Forecast (2005–2050)
Gary C. Matteson
6. Achieving Economic Gains Through the

Price, Colin - Landscape Economics, e-kirja

Landscape Economics

Price, Colin


Table of contents
1. The First Hurdle
Colin Price
2. The Costs of Landscape
Colin Price
3. Opportunity Costing of Land: For Landscape Professionals, or for Land Economists?
Colin Price
4. The Constitution of Value

Murray, Janice - Economics for the Curious, e-kirja

Economics for the Curious

Murray, Janice


Rethinking Economics: A Classical Perspective
Vernon L. Smith
4. Employment and Unemployment
Peter A. Diamond
5. Unemployment During and After the Great Recession
Dale T. Mortensen
6. Long-Term Trends and Structural Changes in the Global Economy