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Sutton, Philip W. - The Environment: A Sociological Introduction, e-kirja

The Environment: A Sociological Introduction

Sutton, Philip W.

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How are human societies changing the global environment?
Is sustainable development really possible?
Can environmental risks be avoided?
Is our experience of nature changing?
This book shows how questions about the environment cannot be properly answered without taking

Broadhurst, Arlene - Environment Ethics and the Corporation, e-kirja

Environment Ethics and the Corporation

Broadhurst, Arlene


Environment, Ethics and the Corporation synthesises the perspectives of corporate environmental strategy, urban planning, international environmental diplomacy and ethics in a single, wide-ranging volume. Providing a unique analysis of the growing social and environmental responsibility

Andersson, Karin - Shipping and the Environment, e-kirja

Shipping and the Environment

Andersson, Karin


The Natural Environment and Human Impacts
J. Fredrik Lindgren, Kent Salo, Selma Brynolf, Karin Andersson, Erik Svensson, Maria Zetterdahl, Lena Granhag, Mathias Magnusson
3. Regulating Pollution from Ships
Philip Linné, Erik Svensson
Part II. Environmental

Brady, Emily - Human-Environment Relations, e-kirja

Human-Environment Relations

Brady, Emily


Table of contents
1. The Value Space of Meaningful Relations
Alan Holland
2. Relational Space and Places of Value
Pauline Phemister
3. Conserving Nature’s Meanings
Simon P. James
4. Revaluing Body and Earth
Patrick Curry

Rauch, Sébastien - Urban Environment, e-kirja

Urban Environment

Rauch, Sébastien


Soil-plant relations in an urban environment polluted with heavy metals
Radu Lacatusu, Anca-Rovena Lacatusu
38. Risk assessment of contaminants leaching to groundwater in an infrastructure project
Yuliya Kalmykova, Ann-Margret Strömvall
39. Sewage

Frolish, Andrew - Environment Poetry, e-kirja

Environment Poetry

Frolish, Andrew


This is a great new resource that provides a selection of poems, lesson plans and worksheets, designed to be used by Key Stage 2 teachers in literacy lessons. The poems and lesson plans are based on a variety of environmental issues, such as recycling,…

Detraz, Nicole - Gender and the Environment, e-kirja

Gender and the Environment

Detraz, Nicole


This timely and insightful book explains why gender matters to the environment.  In it, Nicole Detraz examines contemporary debates around population, consumption, and security to show how gender can help us to better understand environmental issues

Fulekar, M.H. - Environment and Sustainable Development, e-kirja

Environment and Sustainable Development

Fulekar, M.H.


Table of contents
1. Emergence of Green Technologies Towards Sustainable Growth
Tapan Chakrabarti
2. Sustainable Development: An Earnest Hope
Sangeeta Singh
3. Soil Seed Bank Dynamics: History and Ecological Significance in Sustainability…