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Rogers, Margaret - Specialised Translation, e-kirja

Specialised Translation

Rogers, Margaret


Specialised Translation: An Orientation
Margaret Rogers
3. Borders and Borderlands
Margaret Rogers
4. Terminology and Specialised Translation: A Historical Perspective
Margaret Rogers
5. Terminology and

Lorz, Alexander - Translation Issues in Language and Law, e-kirja

Translation Issues in Language and Law

Lorz, Alexander


Introduction: Forensic Translation — Practical Issues and their Theoretical Underpinnings
Dieter Stein
Part I. Language and Different Law Cultures
2. Legal Cultures — Legal Languages
Uwe Kischel
3. Language as a Barrier to Comparative Law

Hook, David - Translations In Times of Disruption, e-kirja

Translations In Times of Disruption

Hook, David


Introduction: Translations in Times of Disruption
David Hook, Graciela Iglesias-Rogers
2. Can Constitutions Be Translated? The Case of the Cadiz Constitution in German
Horst Dippel
3. From Philos Hispaniae to Karl Marx: The First English