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Leech, Geoffrey - English, e-kirja


Leech, Geoffrey


The Spread of English around the World
5. English Goes to the New World
Jan Svartvik, Geoffrey Leech
6. English Transplanted
Jan Svartvik, Geoffrey Leech
7. English Varieties in the British Isles
Jan Svartvik,

Harwood, Nigel - English Language Teaching Textbooks, e-kirja

English Language Teaching Textbooks

Harwood, Nigel


Teaching English Reading: What’s Included in the Textbooks of Pre-Service General Education Teachers?
L. Quentin Dixon, Shuang Wu, Renata Burgess-Brigham, R. Malatesha Joshi, Emily Binks-Cantrell, Erin Washburn
Part II. Studies of Textbook Consumption

Evans, Stephen - The English Language in Hong Kong, e-kirja

The English Language in Hong Kong

Evans, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Exploring the Diffusion and Diversification of English
Stephen Evans
2. Language Trends in the Organs of Government
Stephen Evans
3. Language Policies and Practices in Education
Stephen Evans
4. English as a Business Lingua Franca
Stephen Evans
5. The English-Using

Paltridge, Brian - The Handbook of English for Specific Purposes, e-kirja

The Handbook of English for Specific Purposes

Paltridge, Brian


Featuring a collection of newly commissioned essays, edited by two leading scholars, this Handbook surveys the key research findings in the field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP).
• Provides a state-of-the-art overview of the origins and evolution, current research, and

Gray, John - The Construction of English, e-kirja

The Construction of English

Gray, John


Culture and English Language Teaching
John Gray
3. Describing and Analyzing ELT Coursebooks
John Gray
4. Representational Repertoires 1: Streamline Connections and Building Strategies
John Gray
5. Representational