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Johnson, Michael - Control Engineering, e-kirja

Control Engineering

Johnson, Michael


Control Engineering An Introductory Course Control Engineering "An Introductory Course" is aimed at second or third year courses in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and provides for the needs of these courses

 - Engineering the Guitar, e-kirja

Engineering the Guitar


Table of contents
2. History of the Guitar
Richard Mark French
3. Acoustics and Musical Theory
Richard Mark French
4. Structure of the Guitar
Richard Mark French
5. Dynamic Behavior
Richard Mark French
6. Analytical…

Davim, J. Paulo - Mechanical Engineering Education, e-kirja

Mechanical Engineering Education

Davim, J. Paulo


Mechanical Engineering is defined nowadays as a discipline “which involves the application of principles of physics, design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems”. Recently, mechanical engineering has also focused on some cutting-edge

Ghosh, Purnendu - Mobility Engineering, e-kirja

Mobility Engineering

Ghosh, Purnendu


Civil Engineering Innovation Shaping Mobility of the Future
Boris Reyher, Mike Schlaich
6. Future Shapes of Bridges in Urban Environment
Max Meyer
7. Making of Bandra-Worli Sea Link
Santosh Rai
8. Digitally Reimagining Mobility
K. Ananth

Vesilind, P. Aarne - Engineering Peace and Justice, e-kirja

Engineering Peace and Justice

Vesilind, P. Aarne


Table of contents
1. The Evolution of the Engineering Profession
2. Military Engineering
3. Civilian Engineering
4. The Engineer’s Commitment to Society
5. Engineering and the Environment
6. Peace and Justice
7. Peace Engineering

Lieberman, Norman P. - Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables, e-kirja

Process Engineering: Facts, Fiction and Fables

Lieberman, Norman P.


This is not your average technical book!  Using a humorous and easy-to-understand approach to solving common process engineering problems, this unique volume is the go-to guide for any veteran or novice engineer in the plant, office, or classroom.  Textbooks are often too theoretical to

Fernandes, Kiran J. - Reverse Engineering, e-kirja

Reverse Engineering

Fernandes, Kiran J.


Methodologies and Techniques for Reverse Engineering–The Potential for Automation with 3-D Laser Scanners
David Page, Andreas Koschan, Mongi Abidi
3. Reverse Engineering–Hardware and Software
D.T. Pham, L.C. Hieu

Stevenson, Paul - Foam Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications, e-kirja

Foam Engineering: Fundamentals and Applications

Stevenson, Paul


Key features:Foam fractionation is an exciting and emerging technology, starting to gain significant attentionDiscusses a vital topic for many industries, especially mineral processing, petroleum engineering, bioengineering, consumer products  and food sectorLinks

Schäuffele, Jörg - Automotive Software Engineering, e-kirja

Automotive Software Engineering

Schäuffele, Jörg


Table of contents
1. Einführung und Überblick
Jörg Schäuffele, Thomas Zurawka
2. Grundlagen
Jörg Schäuffele, Thomas Zurawka
3. Unterstützungsprozesse zur Entwicklung von elektronischen Systemen und Software
Jörg Schäuffele,…