Haku "Electric Power Electronics"

Lipo, Thomas A. - Introduction to AC Machine Design, e-kirja

Introduction to AC Machine Design

Lipo, Thomas A.


The only book on the market that emphasizes machine design beyond the basic principles of AC and DC machine behavior
AC electrical machine design is a key skill set for developing competitive electric motors and generators for applications in industry, aerospace, and defense. This book

Cory, B. J. - Electric Power Systems, e-kirja

Electric Power Systems

Cory, B. J.

Alk. 67,10€

The definitive textbook for Power Systems students, providing a grounding in essential power system theory while also focusing on practical power engineering applications.
Electric Power Systems has been an essential

Seifi, Hossein - Electric Power System Planning, e-kirja

Electric Power System Planning

Seifi, Hossein


Table of contents
1. Power System Planning, Basic Principles
Hossein Seifi, Mohammad Sadegh Sepasian
2. Optimization Techniques
Hossein Seifi, Mohammad Sadegh Sepasian
3. Some Economic Principles
Hossein Seifi, Mohammad Sadegh Sepasian
4. Load Forecasting
Hossein Seifi, Mohammad Sadegh Sepasian

Hu, Wensong - Advances in Electric and Electronics, e-kirja

Advances in Electric and Electronics

Hu, Wensong


Optimization of Power Consumption for Wireless Sensor Networks
Sheng-Tzong Cheng, Jia-Shing Shih
8. New Concept for Ocean Trestle Facility in High Tide Region
Chul H. Jo, Seung H. Song, Yu H. Rho
9. Steganalysis of Data Hiding in Binary Text Images