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Gale, Trevor - Policy and Inequality in Education, e-kirja

Policy and Inequality in Education

Gale, Trevor


Introduction to Policy and Inequality in Education
Stephen Parker, Kalervo N. Gulson, Trevor Gale
2. The Illusion of Meritocracy and the Audacity of Elitism: Expanding the Evaluative Space in Education
Trevor Gale, Tebeje Molla, Stephen Parker
3. Emerging

Jones, Tiffany - Understanding Education Policy, e-kirja

Understanding Education Policy

Jones, Tiffany


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tiffany Jones
2. Perceptions of Policy
Tiffany Jones
3. Policy Frameworks and Taxonomies: Gaps Within Research
Tiffany Jones
4. The Four Orientations to Education Framework
Tiffany Jones
5. Analysing Orientations in Policy
Tiffany Jones
6. Conclusion

Fung, Dennis Chun-Lok - Education Policy Analysis, e-kirja

Education Policy Analysis

Fung, Dennis Chun-Lok


Liberal Studies and National Education in Post-colonial Hong Kong
Dennis Chun-Lok Fung, Wai-mei Lui
2. Review of Liberal Studies, National Education and Educational Policy Framework
Dennis Chun-Lok Fung, Wai-mei Lui

Jones, Mellita - Teacher Education Policy and Practice, e-kirja

Teacher Education Policy and Practice

Jones, Mellita


International Perspectives on Assessing the Impact of Teacher Education Policy and Practice
1. What Counts? Who is Counting? Teacher Education Improvement and Accountability in a Data-Driven