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Al-Maamari, Faisal - Revisiting EFL Assessment, e-kirja

Revisiting EFL Assessment

Al-Maamari, Faisal


Introduction: EFL Assessment: Back in Focus
Rahma Al-Mahrooqi
Part I. Assessment Literacy
2. Assessment Literacy: Beyond Teacher Practice
Zineb Djoub
3. Kurdish Tertiary EFL Teachers’ Assessment Literacy in

Adamson, John - Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia, e-kirja

Exploring EFL Fluency in Asia

Adamson, John


Improving Fluency in EFL Reading Comprehension in Adolescents with Learning Difficulties
Carol Goldfus
Part V. Listening Fluency
17. Developing Listening Fluency in Asian EFL Settings
Michael Rost
18. How Can We Enhance EFL

Kuloheri, Foteini-Vassiliki - Indiscipline in Young EFL Learner Classes, e-kirja

Indiscipline in Young EFL Learner Classes

Kuloheri, Foteini-Vassiliki


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Globalized TEFL Boom
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
2. Child Education, Discipline, and EFL Learning
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
3. YEFLL Indiscipline:
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
4. YEFLL Indiscipline:
Foteini-Vassiliki Kuloheri
5. YEFLL Indiscipline:

Adamson, John - Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia, e-kirja

Innovating EFL Teaching in Asia

Adamson, John


Language Learning Styles and Beliefs of EFL University Students in Korea: Are They Really Stereotypical?
Theron Muller, Steven Herder, John Adamson, Philip Shigeo Brown
Part B. Empowering Asian Voices
6. Learner Autonomy in Asia: How Asian Teachers and Students

Maxom, Michelle M. - TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies, e-kirja

TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies

Maxom, Michelle M.


Instant English lessons – learn in a flash!
TEFL Lesson Plans For Dummies is a ready-made course manual for TEFL teachers. With fully fleshed-out lessons, activities, tools, games, and resources, this book contains what is essentially an instant TEFL course. Use the ready-made materials directly in the classroom, or

Lin, Yue - Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes, e-kirja

Developing Critical Thinking in EFL Classes

Lin, Yue


Table of contents
1. Core Issues in Developing Critical Thinking Skills
Yue Lin
2. The Infusion Approach
Yue Lin
3. Critical Thinking and Writing
Yue Lin
4. Effectiveness of Teaching Thinking Skills
Yue Lin
5. A Case Study in a Chinese High School
Yue Lin
6. Data Collection and Data