Haku "Discrete-Event Simulation Management"

Robinson, Stewart - Simulation: The Practice of Model Development and Use, e-kirja

Simulation: The Practice of Model Development and Use

Robinson, Stewart


Simulation modelling involves the development of models that imitate real-world operations, and statistical analysis of their performance with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness. This non-technical textbook is focused towards the needs of business, engineering

Guasch, Antoni - Robust Modelling and Simulation, e-kirja

Robust Modelling and Simulation

Guasch, Antoni


Modeling Discrete Event Systems Using Petri Nets
M. Narciso, M. A. Piera
4. The Coupling of Coloured Petri Nets with SIMIO
Miguel Mujica Mota
5. Simulation Examples
Antoni Guasch, Jaume Figueras

Rossetti, Manuel D. - Simulation Modeling and Arena, e-kirja

Simulation Modeling and Arena

Rossetti, Manuel D.


Emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning statistical analysis and model building through the use of comprehensive examples, problems sets, and software applications
With a unique blend of theory and applications, Simulation Modeling and Arena®, Second Edition integrates

Taylor, Simon J. E. - Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation, e-kirja

Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation

Taylor, Simon J. E.


An application of agent-based simulation to the management of hospital-acquired infection
Y. Meng, R. Davies, K. Hardy, P. Hawkey
5. An agent-based simulation approach for the new product diffusion of a novel biomass fuel