Haku "Dina D. Gray"

Gray, Drew D. - Crime, Prosecution and Social Relations, e-kirja

Crime, Prosecution and Social Relations

Gray, Drew D.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Drew D. Gray
2. Locating the Summary Courts
Drew D. Gray
3. Policing and Personnel: Constables and the Watching System
Drew D. Gray
4. Property Offending in the City of London
Drew D. Gray
5. Settling their Differences: The Prosecution of Interpersonal Violence

Gray, Wayne D. - Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems, e-kirja

Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems

Gray, Wayne D.


Composition and Control of Integrated Cognitive Systems, Wayne D. Gray 2. Cognitive Control in a Computational Model of the Predator Pilot, Kevin A. Gluck, Jerry T. Ball, and Michael A. Krusmark 3. Some History of Human Performance

Gray, Jonathan - Television Studies, e-kirja

Television Studies

Gray, Jonathan


Television Studies provides an overview of the origins, central ideas, and intellectual traditions of this exciting field.
What have been the primary areas of inquiry in television studies? Why and how did these areas develop? How have scholars studied…

Patil, Arun - Engineering Education Quality Assurance, e-kirja

Engineering Education Quality Assurance

Patil, Arun


Gray, Arun Patil, Gary Codner
2. Quality Assurance in European Engineering Education: Present and Future Challenges
John Cowan
3. EUR-ACE: The European Accreditation System of Engineering Education and Its Global Context
Giuliano Augusti
4. Toward

Gray, Stefan - Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders, e-kirja

Environmental Modeling with Stakeholders

Gray, Stefan


Esteve, D. D’Agostino, H. Dudu, I. Bärlund, K. Kok
9. Extending Participatory Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping with a Control Nodes Methodology: A Case Study of the Development of a Bio-based Economy in the Humber Region, UK

Carl, Klaus - L'Art Deco, e-kirja

L'Art Deco

Carl, Klaus


Le style Art déco fut érigé sur les cendres d’un monde dévasté par la première guerre mondiale. S’oubliant dans le tourbillon du Jazz Age et de l’ivresse des années folles, la mince « Garçonne » reflète le style architectural de l’Art déco : aux sinusoïdes généreuses