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Paterson, Ian - A Dictionary of Colour, e-kirja

A Dictionary of Colour

Paterson, Ian


A Lexicon of the Language of Colour This dictionary is the first of its kind: a treasury of colour words and phrases, a comprehensive resource for exploring every aspect of colour and it many applications across the disciplines and through the ages. Words are drawn from many different

Roud, Steve - A Dictionary of English Folklore, e-kirja

A Dictionary of English Folklore

Roud, Steve


Aimed at a broad general readership, the dictionary provides an authoritative reference source on such legendary characters as The Sandman, Jack the Giant Killer, and Robin Hood, and gives entertaining and informative explanations of a wide range of subjects in folklore,

 - RSMeans Illustrated Construction Dictionary, e-kirja

RSMeans Illustrated Construction Dictionary


This concise student edition of the most widely used dictionary for construction and design professionals offers clear explanations of essential construction-related terms and concepts. Illustrated throughout with explanatory drawings and photographs, it is an indispensable reference for

Baldick, Chris - The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms, e-kirja

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms

Baldick, Chris


This is a book of hard words alphabetically arranged and briefly explained. It cannot purport to fulfil the functions of a balanced expository guide to literary criticism or literary concepts, nor does it attempt to catalogue the entire body of literary…

Bajger, Christopher - The Eight-Language Tourism Dictionary, e-kirja

The Eight-Language Tourism Dictionary

Bajger, Christopher


Get your hands on the brand-new “Eight-language tourism dictionary”. The topics in the book are treated in eight languages-English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech and Slovak. This book includes all the most useful word phrases and sentences a tourist will need for a

Ward, Margaret - A Dictionary of Female Occupations, e-kirja

A Dictionary of Female Occupations

Ward, Margaret


A Dictionary of Female Occupations is aimed at genealogists and family historians, and contains over 300 entries. Each of these has some explanation of what the job entailed, the historical setting, and examples or stories of women who were involved with it.