Haku "Dermatologic Surgery"

Nouri, Keyvan - Dermatologic Surgery: Step by Step, e-kirja

Dermatologic Surgery: Step by Step

Nouri, Keyvan


This manual offers detailed, step-by-step guidance to dermatologic surgical procedures. The coverage provides three main sections - General Dermatologic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery,

Alshaiji, Jasem - Pediatric Dermatologic Surgery, e-kirja

Pediatric Dermatologic Surgery

Alshaiji, Jasem


A complete guide to the surgical techniques used to treat childhood skin conditions
Recent advances have expanded the role of pediatric dermatologic surgery in both specialist and primary care settings. However, such surgeries

Ratner, Desiree S. - Reconstructive Conundrums in Dermatology: The Nose, e-kirja

Reconstructive Conundrums in Dermatology: The Nose

Ratner, Desiree S.


Facial wound reconstruction following dermatologic surgery for cancer excision, or other cause of disfigurement, is one of the more tricky procedures a dermatologist can carry out. Not only does the wound need to be clinically sound, the aesthetic requirements

Hale, Elizabeth - Handbook of Dermatologic Surgery, e-kirja

Handbook of Dermatologic Surgery

Hale, Elizabeth


Table of contents
1. Surgical Anatomy
Elizabeth Hale, Julie Karen, Perry Robins
2. Excisional and Non-excisional Surgery
Elizabeth Hale, Julie Karen, Perry Robins
3. Advanced Repairs
Elizabeth Hale, Julie Karen, Perry Robins

Cuyper, Christa De - Dermatologic Complications with Body Art, e-kirja

Dermatologic Complications with Body Art

Cuyper, Christa De


Table of contents
1. History and Epidemiology of Tattoos and Piercings. Legislation in the United States
Anne E. Laumann
2. Materials Used in Body Art
Christa Cuyper, Davy D'hollander
3. Tattooing and Scarring: Technique and Complications

Dafydd, Hywel - Key Notes on Plastic Surgery, e-kirja

Key Notes on Plastic Surgery

Dafydd, Hywel


This is the new edition of the concise but comprehensive handbook that should be owned by all surgical trainees specialising in plastic surgery. Taking a pithy systematic approach, Key Notes on Plastic Surgery offers the latest developments within the