Haku "Cultural Policy and Politics"

Shiach, Morag - Cultural Policy, Innovation and the Creative Economy, e-kirja

Cultural Policy, Innovation and the Creative Economy

Shiach, Morag


Making Friends: Childhood, the Cultural Economy and Creative Collaboration Through Technology
Tessa Whitehouse, Emilie Giles
15. Outside the Voucher: Evaluating the Creative Voucher Scheme
Andy Pratt, Helen Matheson-Pollock, Tarek Virani
16. Creative

Girard, Muriel - Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World, e-kirja

Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World

Girard, Muriel


Introduction: Turkish Cultural Policies in a Global World—Circulations, Territories, and Actors
Muriel Girard, Jean-François Polo, Clémence Scalbert-Yücel
Part I. The Kemalist Legacy
2. Circulation of Humanism and

Bramall, Rebecca - The Cultural Politics of Austerity, e-kirja

The Cultural Politics of Austerity

Bramall, Rebecca


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Austere Times
Rebecca Bramall
2. On Being ‘Inside’ Austerity: Austerity Chic, Consumer Culture, and Anti-austerity Protest
Rebecca Bramall
3. The Past in the Present: History, Memory, Ideology,…

Henry, Ian P. - Politics of Leisure Policy, e-kirja

Politics of Leisure Policy

Henry, Ian P.


It is hard to imagine a more carefully crafted work on leisure policy in Britain.' - Sarah Fields, Entertainment Law Description The Politics of Leisure Policy provides a systematic account of the impact of social, economic