Haku "Criminology and Criminal Justice"

Knight, Charlotte - Emotional Literacy in Criminal Justice, e-kirja

Emotional Literacy in Criminal Justice

Knight, Charlotte


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Challenge of Uncovering and Using Emotions in Criminal Justice
Charlotte Knight
2. Emotions and Criminal Justice
Charlotte Knight
3. Diversity, Power and Emotion
Charlotte Knight
4. Values: Positive and Negative Emotional Control in Work with Offenders

Logan, Anne - Feminism and Criminal Justice, e-kirja

Feminism and Criminal Justice

Logan, Anne


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anne Logan
2. Feminism and Criminal Justice Reform
Anne Logan
3. Juvenile Justice
Anne Logan
4. Women in the Criminal Courts
Anne Logan
5. Women in the Penal System
Anne Logan
6. Feminism and the Care of Victims
Anne Logan
7. Conclusion

Hucklesby, Anthea - The Private Sector and Criminal Justice, e-kirja

The Private Sector and Criminal Justice

Hucklesby, Anthea


The Private Sector and Criminal Justice: An Introduction
Stuart Lister, Anthea Hucklesby
2. Vanishing Boundaries of Control: Implications for Security and Sovereignty of the Changing Nature and Global Expansion of Neoliberal