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Butcher, David - Smart Management, e-kirja

Smart Management

Butcher, David


Contents Organisational Politics Why Politics are Perceived as Illegitimate Legitimate Politics How to Understand Political Behaviour in Organisations Constructive Political Behaviour Political Strategies Author Biographies DAVID BUTCHER is Director of the General Management

Brewster, Chris - New Challenges for European Human Resource Management, e-kirja

New Challenges for European Human Resource Management

Brewster, Chris


This book breaks new ground in human resource management through focusing on specific themes written by a range of European experts drawing on a common survey. As such it is a major progression from previous texts that lack a coherent, cross-national database. Representing a truly collaborative

McDonald, Malcolm - Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide, e-kirja

Key Account Management: The Definitive Guide

McDonald, Malcolm


Organizations claiming to practise key account management should equip everyone involved with a copy, so they really understand what they are supposed to be doing. Anything less is just old-fashioned selling."
Developing successful business-to-business relationships

Kakabadse, Andrew - Smart sourcing -International best practice, e-kirja

Smart sourcing -International best practice

Kakabadse, Andrew


The message is focus on your strengths and know how to use others in order to clearly differentiate! Contents: Introduction Emerging Trends Best Practice Looking Ahead The Public Services The New Entrants Author Biographies: ANDREW KAKABADSE is Professor of Management

Burns, Paul - Entrepreneurship and Small Business, e-kirja

Entrepreneurship and Small Business

Burns, Paul


It combines a theoretical management perspective with a practical 'how-to' element. Boxed mini-cases, a step-by-step guide to producing a business plan and full length case studies give it great practical application. 'Entrepreneurship and Small Business' is written

Grundy, Tony - Gurus on Business Strategy, e-kirja

Gurus on Business Strategy

Grundy, Tony


Contents Part One: Gurus on parade · Chapter 1 - A taster of the gurus · Chapter 2 - Key strategic concepts · Chapter 3 - A detailed guru-by-guru guide Part Two: Case studies · Chapter 4 - Champney's Health Resort · Chapter 5 - Marks and Spencer Part Three: Managing your strategy and facing

Fisk, Peter - Marketing Genius, e-kirja

Marketing Genius

Fisk, Peter


—Professor Philip Kotler, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and author of Marketing Management
"A fantastic book, full of relevant learning. The mass market is dead. The consumer is boss. Imagination,