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Corrie, Marilyn - A Concise Companion to Middle English Literature, e-kirja

A Concise Companion to Middle English Literature

Corrie, Marilyn


This concise companion examines contexts that are essential to understanding and interpreting writing in English produced in the period between approximately 1100 and 1500. The essays in the book explore ways in which Middle English literature

Loh, Lucienne - The Postcolonial Country in Contemporary Literature, e-kirja

The Postcolonial Country in Contemporary Literature

Loh, Lucienne


Racism and the English Countryside: Contemporary Black Britain in David Dabydeen’s Disappearance and Caryl Phillips’s A Distant Shore
Lucienne Loh
Part II. Legacies of Empire in the Postcolonial Rural
5. Towards a Provincial Cosmopolitanism: Amitava

Frank, Svenja - 9/11 in European Literature, e-kirja

9/11 in European Literature

Frank, Svenja


Cultural and Historical Memory in English and German Discursive Responses to 9/11
Sandra Singer
7. The Post-9/11 World in Three Polish Responses: Zagajewski, Skolimowski, Tochman
Ewa Kowal
8. The Islamic World as Other in Oriana Fallaci’s “Trilogy”