Haku "Computer System Implementation"

Demirkan, Haluk - Service Systems Implementation, e-kirja

Service Systems Implementation

Demirkan, Haluk


Intelligent Document Gateway: A Service System Case Study and Analysis
Vikas Krishna, Ana Lelescu
4. A Framework for the Design of Service Systems
Yao-Hua Tan, Wout Hofman, Jaap Gordijn, Joris Hulstijn
5. Surviving Nuclear Winter Towards a Service-Led

Lightbody, Gaye - FPGA-based Implementation of Signal Processing Systems, e-kirja

FPGA-based Implementation of Signal Processing Systems

Lightbody, Gaye


An important working resource for engineers and researchers involved in the design, development, and implementation of signal processing systems
The last decade has seen a rapid expansion of the use of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) for a wide range of applications beyond traditional

Kurzyński, Marek - Computer Recognition Systems, e-kirja

Computer Recognition Systems

Kurzyński, Marek


Efficient Implementation of Nearest Neighbor Classification
José R. Herrero, Juan J. Navarro
20. Inductive Development of Customer e-Loyalty Theory with Bayesian Networks
Waldemar Jaro?ski, Koen Vanhoof, José Bloemer
21. Reference Set Size Reduction

Gaj, Piotr - Computer Networks, e-kirja

Computer Networks

Gaj, Piotr


Combining Timed Colored Petri Nets and Real TCP Implementation to Reliably Simulate Distributed Applications
Wojciech Rząsa
10. Adaptive Streaming of Stereographic Video
Krzysztof Grochla, Arkadiusz Sochan
11. The Influence of Electromagnetic Disturbances

Nilsson, Anders G. - Advances in Information Systems Development, e-kirja

Advances in Information Systems Development

Nilsson, Anders G.


The Computer — The Businessman’s Window to His Enterprises
Hans Karlander
3. Challenges in New Service Development and Value Creation through Service
Bo Edvardsson, Anders Gustafsson, Bo Enquist
4. Churchmanian Co-design — Basic Ideas and Application

Adamski, Marian - Design of Digital Systems and Devices, e-kirja

Design of Digital Systems and Devices

Adamski, Marian


5 Logic Synthesis Method of Digital Circuits Designed for Implementation with Embedded Memory Blocks of FPGAs
Mariusz Rawski, Paweł Tomaszewicz, Grzegorz Borowik, Tadeusz Łuba
6. 6 Efficient Technology Mapping Method for PAL-Based Devices
Dariusz Kania

Heuberger, Albert - Microelectronic Systems, e-kirja

Microelectronic Systems

Heuberger, Albert


Electronic Design Automation for Implementation of 3D Integrated Systems
Uwe Knoechel, Andy Heinig, Joern Stolle, Sven Reitz, Andreas Wilde
4. Analog to Digital Converters for Mixed Signal ASICs and SOCs
Johann Hauer, Stefan Mödl, Harald Neubauer, Matthias

Cao, Jian-Nong - Scalable Information Systems, e-kirja

Scalable Information Systems

Cao, Jian-Nong


Performance Evaluation of Identity and Access Management Systems in Federated Environments
Frank Schell, Jochen Dinger, Hannes Hartenstein
8. Power Consumption Optimization of MPI Programs on Multi-core Clusters
Yen-Jun Chen, Ching-Hsien Hsu, Kuan-Ching

Bravo-Rodríguez, José - Computers and Education, e-kirja

Computers and Education

Bravo-Rodríguez, José


Swad: Web System for Education Support
A. Cañas, D.J. Calandria, E.M. Ortigosa, E. Ros, A.F. Díaz
13. Towards the Everyday Computing in the Classroom Through Rfid
J. Bravo, R. Hervás, S. Nava, G. Chavira, J. Parras, M. Luz Delgado, A. Vazquez, F. Terán,