Haku "Computer Science"

Blum, Edward K. - Computer Science, e-kirja

Computer Science

Blum, Edward K.


The Software Side of Computer Science – Computer Programming
Edward K. Blum, Walter Savitch
5. The Hardware Side
Edward K. Blum
6. Operating Systems (OS)
Edward K. Blum
7. Computer Networks
Fan Chung

Drechsler, Rolf - Computer, e-kirja


Drechsler, Rolf


Table of contents
1. Einleitung
Rolf Drechsler, Andrea Fink, Jannis Stoppe
2. Alles ist logisch
Rolf Drechsler, Andrea Fink, Jannis Stoppe
3. Die Hardware
Rolf Drechsler, Andrea Fink, Jannis Stoppe
4. 0 und 1 ist nicht genug
Rolf Drechsler, Andrea Fink, Jannis Stoppe
5. Von der (Rechen-)Aufgabe

Calvary, Ga?lle - Computer Science and Ambient Intelligence, e-kirja

Computer Science and Ambient Intelligence

Calvary, Ga?lle


Moreover, the book covers the key areas of computer science concerned with the emergence of ambient intelligence (e.g. interaction, middleware, networks, information systems, etc.). It even goes slightly beyond the borders

Gelenbe, Erol - Computer and Information Sciences, e-kirja

Computer and Information Sciences

Gelenbe, Erol


Table of contents
1. Partially Persistent B-trees with Constant Worst Case Update Time
George Lagogiannis, Nikos Lorentzos
2. Using Mixture of Experts Method in Combining Search-Guiding Heuristics for Theorem Proving
C. Acar Erkek, Tunga Güngör
3. Univariate Margin Tree
Olcay Taner Yildiz
4. Transformational

Feiler, Jesse - Learn Computer Science with Swift, e-kirja

Learn Computer Science with Swift

Feiler, Jesse


Table of contents
1. Thinking Computationally
Jesse Feiler
2. Writing Code and Using Swift Playgrounds
Jesse Feiler
3. Exploring Programming Paradigms
Jesse Feiler
4. Using Algorithms
Jesse Feiler
5. Managing Control…

Mogavero, Fabio - Logics in Computer Science, e-kirja

Logics in Computer Science

Mogavero, Fabio


Table of contents
Part I. Logics for Computations
1. Graded Computation Tree Logic
Fabio Mogavero
2. Minimal Model Quantifiers
Fabio Mogavero
Part II. Logics for Strategies
3. Reasoning About Strategies
Fabio Mogavero

Yeo, Sang-Soo - Computer Science and its Applications, e-kirja

Computer Science and its Applications

Yeo, Sang-Soo


Teaching–Learning Methodology of STS Based on Computer and CAI in Information Science Education
Juyeon Hong, Namje Park
76. Encryption Scheme Supporting Range Queries on Encrypted Privacy Databases in Big Data Service Era
Jun Wook Lee, Namje Park