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Barron, E. N. - Game Theory: An Introduction, e-kirja

Game Theory: An Introduction

Barron, E. N.


An exciting new edition of the popular introduction to game theory and its applications
The thoroughly expanded Second Edition presents a unique, hands-on approach to game theory. While most books on the subject are too abstract or too basic for mathematicians,

Agius, Harry - Handbook of Digital Games, e-kirja

Handbook of Digital Games

Agius, Harry

Alk. 145,75€

This book covers the state-of-the-art in digital games research and development for anyone working with or studying digital games and those who are considering entering into this rapidly growing industry. Many books have been published that sufficiently

Cordeiro, Adam - Minecraft Bauanleitungen für Dummies, e-kirja

Minecraft Bauanleitungen für Dummies

Cordeiro, Adam


Ein Schloss bauen, so wie im Märchen? Ja, das geht in Minecraft und auch noch vieles mehr. In diesem Buch
erklären Ihnen Adam Cordeiro und Emily Nelson, wann Sie welchen Spielmodus wählen sollten, wo Sie die
richtigen Materialien finden,…

Spolsky, Joel - More Joel on Software, e-kirja

More Joel on Software

Spolsky, Joel


Advice for Computer Science College Students
part three. The Impact of Design
11. Font Smoothing, Anti-Aliasing, and Subpixel Rendering
12. A Game of Inches
13. The Big Picture
14. Choices=Headaches
15. It’s Not Just Usability
16. Building Communities

Chen, Huaming - Building a 2D Game Physics Engine, e-kirja

Building a 2D Game Physics Engine

Chen, Huaming


Introduction to 2D Game Physics Engine Development
Michael Tanaya, Huaming Chen, Jebediah Pavleas, Kelvin Sung
2. Implementing the 2D Physics Engine Core
Michael Tanaya, Huaming Chen, Jebediah Pavleas, Kelvin Sung
3. Incorporating Collision Detection

Maedche, Alexander - Software for People, e-kirja

Software for People

Maedche, Alexander


Software Product Management and Agile Software Development: Conflicts and Solutions
Hans-Bernd Kittlaus
6. Requirements Engineering in Agile Software Development
Rainer Grau
7. Design Thinking: An Innovative Concept for Developing User-Centered Software

Sink, Eric - Eric Sink on the Business of Software, e-kirja

Eric Sink on the Business of Software

Sink, Eric


Table of contents
Part One. Entrepreneurship
1. What is a Small ISV?
2. Whining by a Barrel of Rocks
3. Starting Your Own Company
4. Finance for Geeks
5. Exploring Micro-ISVs
6. First Report from My Micro-ISV
7. Make More Mistakes
Part Two. People
8. Small ISVs: You Need Developers, not Programmers