Haku "Computer Communication Networks"

Chaki, Nabendu - Computer Networks & Communications (NetCom), e-kirja

Computer Networks & Communications (NetCom)

Chaki, Nabendu


The Fourth International Conference on Networks & Communications (NETCOM-2012): Adhoc and Sensor Networks
1. Perspectives of Sybil Attack in Routing Protocols of Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Manu Sood, Amol Vasudeva
2. A Jini Based Implementation for Best Leader

Gaj, Piotr - Computer Networks, e-kirja

Computer Networks

Gaj, Piotr


Molecular Networks and Information Systems
Stefan Węgrzyn, Lech Znamirowski
2. Sorting of Quantum States with Respect to Amount of Entanglement Included
Roman Gielerak, Marek Sawerwain
3. Management of Web Services Based on the Bid Strategy Using the

Jiang, Chunxiao - Terrestrial-Satellite Communication Networks, e-kirja

Terrestrial-Satellite Communication Networks

Jiang, Chunxiao


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Linling Kuang, Chunxiao Jiang, Yi Qian, Jianhua Lu
2. Beamforming Transmission
Linling Kuang, Chunxiao Jiang, Yi Qian, Jianhua Lu
3. Interference Cancelation Reception
Linling Kuang, Chunxiao Jiang,…

Mao, Guoqiang - Connectivity of Communication Networks, e-kirja

Connectivity of Communication Networks

Mao, Guoqiang


Connectivity of Large Wireless Networks: Sufficient and Necessary Conditions
Guoqiang Mao
4. Giant Component in Large Wireless Networks
Guoqiang Mao
5. Critical Density for Percolation
Guoqiang Mao
6. Phase Transitions in Large Networks

Yang, Yuhang - Green Communications and Networks, e-kirja

Green Communications and Networks

Yang, Yuhang


Design Signal Detection Project of MIMO Communication Systems Based on Improved Grover Algorithm
Lu Xin-Bo
3. High-Performance Speed Control of Induction Motor Using Combined LSSVM Inverse System
Yi Zhang, Guohai Liu, Haifeng Wei, Wenxiang Zhao
4. Lightweight

 - Analysis of Computer and Communication Networks, e-kirja

Analysis of Computer and Communication Networks


Table of contents
2. Tailweight, statistical interference and families of distributions – A brief survey
Fayez Gebali
3. Random Processes
Fayez Gebali
4. Markov Chains
Fayez Gebali
5. Markov Chains at Equilibrium