Haku "Computational Science and Engineering"

Azmy, Yousry - Nuclear Computational Science, e-kirja

Nuclear Computational Science

Azmy, Yousry


Table of contents
1. Advances in Discrete-Ordinates Methodology
Edward W. Larsen, Jim E. Morel
2. Second-Order Neutron Transport Methods
E. E. Lewis
3. Monte Carlo Methods
Jerome Spanier
4. Reactor Core Methods
Robert Roy

Shin, Sung Y. - Reliable and Autonomous Computational Science, e-kirja

Reliable and Autonomous Computational Science

Shin, Sung Y.


Table of contents
1. A Distributed Two-Version Multi-Granularity Locking Protocol for Multi-Controller Storage Systems
Chih-Chung Tsai, Ya-Shu Chen, Tei-Wei Kuo
2. A Medical Device Safety Supervision over Wireless
Cheolgi Kim, Mu Sun,…

Yao, Z. H. - Computational Methods in Engineering & Science, e-kirja

Computational Methods in Engineering & Science

Yao, Z. H.


Application of Computational Mechanics to Reliability Studies of Electronic Packaging
N. Miyazaki, T. Ikeda
10. Topology Optimization of Structures: Applications in the Simulation and Design of Cellular Materials
H. C. Rodrigues
11. Rigid Body Considerations

Lee, Gary - Advances in Computational Environment Science, e-kirja

Advances in Computational Environment Science

Lee, Gary


Table of contents
1. A Case Study of Karstic Collapse Columns Delimitation in Coal Mine by GIS Spatial Analysis
Jinhui Luo, Yongguo Yang, Yuhua Chen
2. Development Trend of the Coal Bed Exploration Type Division
Wei Ying-chun, Jia Zong-kai,…