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Hocking, Darryl - Communicating Creativity, e-kirja

Communicating Creativity

Hocking, Darryl


Table of contents
1. Creativity and Communication
Darryl Hocking
2. Investigating Communication in Creative Practice
Darryl Hocking
3. Work
Darryl Hocking
4. Agency
Darryl Hocking
5. Motivation
Darryl Hocking

Waldron, Vincent R. - Communicating Emotion at Work, e-kirja

Communicating Emotion at Work

Waldron, Vincent R.


Communicating Emotion at Work chronicles the rich emotional experiences of employees drawn from a broad cross-section of industries and occupations. It takes a decidedly positive approach, recognizing that emotional communication is a vital and creative response to the challenges of life

Kowal, Sabine - Communicating with One Another, e-kirja

Communicating with One Another

Kowal, Sabine


Table of contents
1. A Critique of Mainstream Psycholinguistics
2. The Problematic
Daniel C. O’Connell, Sabine Kowal
3. Empirical Methods
Daniel C. O’Connell, Sabine Kowal
4. Fluency and Hesitation
Daniel C. O’Connell, Sabine Kowal
5. The Written
Daniel C. O’Connell, Sabine Kowal

Perrault, Sarah Tinker - Communicating Popular Science, e-kirja

Communicating Popular Science

Perrault, Sarah Tinker


Table of contents
Part I. Foundations
1. Popular Science Writing: Problems and Potential
Sarah Tinker Perrault
2. Theoretical and Analytical Framework
Sarah Tinker Perrault
3. A Brief History of Science Popularization

Salminen, Airi - Communicating with XML, e-kirja

Communicating with XML

Salminen, Airi


Table of contents
1. Setting the Stage
Airi Salminen, Frank Tompa
2. Fundamentals
Airi Salminen, Frank Tompa
3. Why Use XML?
Airi Salminen, Frank Tompa
4. Document Management
Airi Salminen, Frank Tompa
5. Data-Centric…

Hübner, Hartmut - The Communicating Company, e-kirja

The Communicating Company

Hübner, Hartmut


Table of contents
I..Theoretical context
1. Introduction
2. Purpose of the study
3. Methodological considerations
4. Reference points for theory development
5. Presentation of case study
6. Analysis of case…

Dutta, Mohan J. - Communicating Health: A Culture-centered Approach, e-kirja

Communicating Health: A Culture-centered Approach

Dutta, Mohan J.


The culture-centred approach offered in this book argues that communication theorizing ought to locate culture at the centre of the communication process such that the theories are contextually embedded and co-constructed through dialogue with the cultural…