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Saleem, Muhammad Yusuf - Islamic Commercial Law, e-kirja

Islamic Commercial Law

Saleem, Muhammad Yusuf


A concise study of the practices in Islamic commercial law
Filling a gap in the current literature, Islamic Commercial Law is the only book available that combines the theory and practice of Islamic commercial

Attree, Rebecca - International Commercial Agreements, e-kirja

International Commercial Agreements

Attree, Rebecca


This new Professional Insight appears at an exciting time for international commercial lawyers: new legislation, fresh opportunities - and the challenge of understanding fully how to exploit them. Recent changes to EC Competition law have made a significant

Ribeiro, Robert - Commercial Contracts - Drafting Techniques and Precedents, e-kirja

Commercial Contracts - Drafting Techniques and Precedents

Ribeiro, Robert


This report has been fully updated and expanded to take account of new legislation and case law. When you sit down to draft a contract today you've got to be thinking of so many different issues. For example, more cases are now being argued with reference to the Human Rights Act: how

Medhurst, David - A Brief and Practical Guide to EU Law, e-kirja

A Brief and Practical Guide to EU Law

Medhurst, David


This book is designed to be a quick guide to European Union law and explains how it may be used for practical effect. It is written in a clear style for practitioners who are in a hurry to master the subject, and contains precedents of the kinds of documents they may have to prepare. It

Haag, Oliver - Compliance im Unternehmen für Dummies, e-kirja

Compliance im Unternehmen für Dummies

Haag, Oliver


Erfüllt Ihr Unternehmen die gesetzlichen Vorgaben? Die Rechtsfolgen bei Compliance-Verstößen können erheblich sein. Wer sich also mit Compliance auskennt, die Risiken kennt und zu vermeiden oder zumindest zu begrenzen weiß, der ist gut beraten. Dieses…

Bungenberg, Marc - International Investment Law and EU Law, e-kirja

International Investment Law and EU Law

Bungenberg, Marc


Table of contents
1. The EU’s Common Investment Policy – Connecting the Dots
Steffen Hindelang, Niklas Maydell
2. The Division of Competences Between the EU and Its Member States in the Area of Investment Politics
Marc Bungenberg

Piotrowski, Christine M. - Designing Commercial Interiors, e-kirja

Designing Commercial Interiors

Piotrowski, Christine M.


A practical, comprehensive resource for commercial interior design
Designing Commercial Interiors is the industry standard reference, now fully revised and expanded to reflect the latest developments in commercial

Bungenberg, Marc - Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon, e-kirja

Common Commercial Policy after Lisbon

Bungenberg, Marc


(National) Constitutional Law Limitations on the Advancement of the EU’s Common Commercial Policy
Jörg Philipp Terhechte
3. Common Commercial Policy in the European Constitutional Area: EU External Trade Competence and