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Greaves, Mel - Frontiers in Cancer Research, e-kirja

Frontiers in Cancer Research

Greaves, Mel


The Evolution of Cancer Suppression Mechanisms
Aurora M. Nedelcu, Aleah F. Caulin
12. How Can We Thwart the Evolutionary Resilience of Cancer?
Mel Greaves

Hu, Hai - Translational Research in Breast Cancer, e-kirja

Translational Research in Breast Cancer

Hu, Hai


The Dawning of Translational Breast Cancer: From Bench to Bedside
Xueman Chen, Siting Fan, Erwei Song
2. Biomarker Studies in Early Detection and Prognosis of Breast Cancer
Gang Li, Jing Hu, Guohong Hu
3. The Preventive Intervention of Hereditary Breast

Teicher, Beverly A. - Tumor Models in Cancer Research, e-kirja

Tumor Models in Cancer Research

Teicher, Beverly A.


The Utility of Transgenic Mouse Models for Cancer Prevention Research
Stephen D. Hursting, Laura M. Lashinger, Powel H. Brown, Susan N. Perkins
19. Models for Evaluation of Targeted Therapies of Invasive and Metastatic Disease
Suzanne A. Eccles

Cho, William C.S. - MicroRNAs in Cancer Translational Research, e-kirja

MicroRNAs in Cancer Translational Research

Cho, William C.S.


The Role of MicroRNAs in Lung Cancer Development, Progression, and Metastasis
Don L. Gibbons, Zain H. Rizvi, Jonathan M. Kurie
3. MicroRNAs in Breast Cancer
Suvi-Katri Leivonen
4. MicroRNAs in Colorectal Cancer
Ondrej Slaby, Marek Svoboda, Jaroslav

Cho, William C.S. - An Omics Perspective on Cancer Research, e-kirja

An Omics Perspective on Cancer Research

Cho, William C.S.


Recent Advances in Cancer Genomics and Cancer-Associated Genes Discovery
Bin Guan, Tian-Li Wang, Ie-Ming Shih
3. An Integrated Oncogenomic Approach: From Genes to Pathway Analyses
Jeff A. Klomp, Bin T. Teh, Kyle A. Furge
4. The Epigenomics of Cancer

Fox, Stephen B. - Molecular Pathology in Cancer Research, e-kirja

Molecular Pathology in Cancer Research

Fox, Stephen B.


Table of contents
1. Molecular Diagnostics: Translation from Discovery to Clinical Practice
Fares Al-Ejeh, Andrew V. Biankin
2. Biobanking in Cancer Research
Lisa Devereux, Heather Thorne, Stephen B. Fox
3. Cytogenetics: Methodologies
Chiyan Lau
4. Cytogenetics: Applications
Chiyan Lau
5. Genomic

De, Pradip - PI3K-mTOR in Cancer and Cancer Therapy, e-kirja

PI3K-mTOR in Cancer and Cancer Therapy

De, Pradip


PI3K-Akt-mTOR Signaling in Cancer and Cancer Therapeutics
Sameer S. Chopra, Lewis C. Cantley
Part I. PI3K-mTOR Pathway in Cancers
2. The mTOR Complexes in Cancer Cell Metabolism
Thomas Lynch, Joseph G. Moloughney,

Kurzrock, Razelle - Early Phase Cancer Immunotherapy, e-kirja

Early Phase Cancer Immunotherapy

Kurzrock, Razelle


Primer on Cancer Immunotherapy and the Targeting of Native Proteins
Valentin Barsan, Paul C. Tumeh
2. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Immunotherapy
Lisa H. Lam, Swan D. Lin, Ji Sun
3. Immunotherapeutic Biomarkers and Selection Strategies