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Canada, Mark - Literature and Journalism in Antebellum America, e-kirja

Literature and Journalism in Antebellum America

Canada, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Sibling Rivalry in American Letters
Mark Canada
Part I. Encounters and Critiques
2. The Story and the Truth
Mark Canada
3. Encounters with the News
Mark Canada
4. Literary Critiques of Journalism
Mark Canada
Part II. News of Their Own
5. Dispatches

Canada, Mark - Literature and Journalism, e-kirja

Literature and Journalism

Canada, Mark


Table of contents
1. Introduction: A Brief History of Literature and Journalism in the United States
Mark Canada
2. Benjamin Franklin, Literary Journalism, and Finding a National Subject
Carla Mulford
3. Walt Whitman’s Journalism

Armstrong, Kate - Lonely Planet Canada, e-kirja

Lonely Planet Canada

Armstrong, Kate


Lonely Planet: The world's leading travel guide publisher Lonely Planet Canada is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Hike the Rockies, marvel at the Northern Lights, or indulge in cultural delights from Montreal's

Henty, G. A. - With Wolfe in Canada, e-kirja

With Wolfe in Canada

Henty, G. A.


At its commencement the English occupied a mere patch of land on the eastern seaboard of America, hemmed in on all sides by the French, who occupied not only Canada in the north and Louisiana in the south, but possessed a chain of posts connecting them, so cutting

Teentalk Canada Interviews

Teentalk Canada Interviews



Teentalk Canada Interviews esittelee 19 kanadalaista lukiolaista, joita haastatellaan erilaisista heidän elämäänsä, arkeensa ja harrastuksiinsa liittyvistä aiheista. Haastattelut on suunniteltu erityisesti kielenoppimisen tarpeisiin siten, että niistä on saatavilla sekä autenttinen,

Dupont, Diane P. - Water Policy and Governance in Canada, e-kirja

Water Policy and Governance in Canada

Dupont, Diane P.


Reconciliation and Relationality in Water Research and Management in Canada: Implementing Indigenous Ontologies, Epistemologies, and Methodologies
Heather Castleden, Catherine Hart, Ashlee Cunsolo, Sherilee Harper, Debbie Martin
Part II. International and Transboundary