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Fenwick, Mark - Flexibility in Modern Business Law, e-kirja

Flexibility in Modern Business Law

Fenwick, Mark


The Flexibility of Law and Its Limits in Contemporary Business Regulation
Mark Fenwick, Stefan Wrbka
Part I. The Perspective of the Lawmaker
2. The Potential and Limits of Teleological Reduction Shown with the Example of the Austrian Warranty Regime

Richelle, Isabelle - State Aid Law and Business Taxation, e-kirja

State Aid Law and Business Taxation

Richelle, Isabelle


Tax Incentives Under State Aid Law: A Competition Law Perspective
Thomas Jaeger
4. Comparing Criteria: State Aid, Free Movement, Harmful Tax Competition and Market Distorting Disparities
Peter J. Wattel
Part II.

Bongiovanni, Giorgio - Reasonableness and Law, e-kirja

Reasonableness and Law

Bongiovanni, Giorgio


Philip Pettit’s Law, Liberty and Reason: Republican Freedom and Criminal Justice
Luca Baccelli
9. Proportionality, Judicial Review, and Global Constitutionalism
Alec Stone Sweet, Jud Mathews
10. Constitutional Adjudication and the Principle of Reasonableness

Huber, Bruce R. - Environmental Law and Economics, e-kirja

Environmental Law and Economics

Huber, Bruce R.


Environmental Law and Economics in Europe
Sebastian Heselhaus
4. Defending Environmental Economic Instruments Against the Economists and Their Opponents
Felix Ekardt, Jutta Wieding
5. Escaping the Epistemic Trap
Malte-Christian Gruber
6. Pope

Buecker, Bernard - Key Aspects of German Business Law, e-kirja

Key Aspects of German Business Law

Buecker, Bernard


The law of bankruptcy and security interests
Reinhard Nacke
13. Unfair competition
Henrik Schroeder
14. The law of public procurement
Norman Müller
15. Distribution agreements
Michael Bihler

Rich, Clive - Law for Small Business For Dummies - UK, e-kirja

Law for Small Business For Dummies - UK

Rich, Clive


Your own in-house legal advisor—at a fraction of the cost
Written in plain-English for business people without any legal training, Law For Small Business For Dummies covers everything you need to be aware of