Haku "Biotechnology (Life Sciences)"

Schmid, Rolf D. - Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer, e-kirja

Biotechnology: An Illustrated Primer

Schmid, Rolf D.


Now presented in large format, the new Schmid is the ideal primer in biotechnology. The two-page layout with one page being a full color figure and the opposite page being explanatory text is the ideal combination between rapid visual-based learning with in depth information.

Hoffbauer, Barbara - Berufsziel Life Sciences, e-kirja

Berufsziel Life Sciences

Hoffbauer, Barbara


Table of contents
1. Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten in den Life Sciences
Barbara Hoffbauer
2. Berufsfelder in der Pharmaindustrie
Barbara Hoffbauer
3. Berufsfelder in der Biotechnologie
Barbara Hoffbauer
4. Berufsfelder in der Konsumgüterindustrie
Barbara Hoffbauer
5. Berufsfelder in der Medizintechnik

Bogdan, Boris - Valuation in Life Sciences, e-kirja

Valuation in Life Sciences

Bogdan, Boris


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger
2. Basics of Valuation
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger
3. Valuation in Life Sciences
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger
4. Exercises
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger
5. Case Studies
Dr. Boris Bogdan, Ralph Villiger

Vilcinskas, Andreas - Insect Biotechnology, e-kirja

Insect Biotechnology

Vilcinskas, Andreas


Table of contents
1. The Greater Wax Moth Galleria mellonella as an Alternative Model Host for Human Pathogens
Krishnendu Mukherjee, Eugen Domann, Torsten Hain
2. Fruit Flies as Models in Biomedical Research – A Drosophila Asthma Model
Thomas Roeder, Kerstin Isermann, Christina Wagner, Christine Warmbold

Allewell, Norma - Molecular Biophysics for the Life Sciences, e-kirja

Molecular Biophysics for the Life Sciences

Allewell, Norma


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Norma M. Allewell, Linda O. Narhi, Ivan Rayment
2. Structural, Physical, and Chemical Principles
Norma M. Allewell, Linda O. Narhi, Ivan Rayment
Part I. The Experimental Tools of Molecular Biophysics

Berkling, Viola - Biotechnology in Cartoons, e-kirja

Biotechnology in Cartoons

Berkling, Viola


Table of contents
1. Welcome to biotechnology
Reinhard Renneberg, Viola Berkling
2. Sleepy Yeast and & Fluffy Bread
Reinhard Renneberg, Viola Berkling
3. Enzymes – efficient, Precise and reliable biocatalysts
Reinhard Renneberg,…

Lee, Sang Yup - Industrial Biotechnology: Products and Processes, e-kirja

Industrial Biotechnology: Products and Processes

Lee, Sang Yup


The latest volume in the Advanced Biotechnology series provides an overview of the main product classes and platform chemicals produced by biotechnological processes today, with applications in the food, healthcare and fine chemical industries. Alongside the production of drugs and flavors

Gupta, Surinder Kumar - Biotechnology of Crucifers, e-kirja

Biotechnology of Crucifers

Gupta, Surinder Kumar


Table of contents
1. The Importance, Origin, and Evolution
Surinder Kumar Gupta
2. Molecular Cytogenetics
Annaliese S. Mason
3. Distant Hybridization Involving Different In Vitro Techniques
Dan Liu, Ling Xu, Xinxin Geng, Yuanfei…

Asakura, Tetsuo - Biotechnology of Silk, e-kirja

Biotechnology of Silk

Asakura, Tetsuo


Table of contents
1. Wild Silk Production to Support Farmers Excluded from Protected Areas in Madagascar
Robert S. Weber, Catherine L. Craig
2. Evolutionary Divergence of Lepidopteran and Trichopteran Fibroins
Kenji Yukuhiro, Hideki Sezutsu,…