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Cotterill, Rodney - Biophysics: An Introduction, e-kirja

Biophysics: An Introduction

Cotterill, Rodney


Biophysics is an evolving, multidisciplinary subject which applies physics to biological systems and promotes an understanding of their physical properties and behaviour.
Biophysics: An Introduction, is a concise

Rubin, Andrey B. - Fundamentals of Biophysics, e-kirja

Fundamentals of Biophysics

Rubin, Andrey B.


Biophysics is a science that comprises theoretical plotting and models based on contemporary physicochemical conceptions. They mirror physical specificity of the molecular organization and elementary processes in living organisms, which in their turn form the molecular basis of biological

Rubin, Andrew - Mathematical Biophysics, e-kirja

Mathematical Biophysics

Rubin, Andrew


Table of contents
Part I. Basic Models in Mathematical Biophysics
1. Growth and Catalysis Models
Andrew Rubin, Galina Riznichenko
2. Oscillations oscillations , Rhythms, and Chaos chaos in Biological Systems
Andrew Rubin, Galina Riznichenko

Duplantier, Bertrand - Biological Physics, e-kirja

Biological Physics

Duplantier, Bertrand


Table of contents
1. Constructing Tools for the Description of Cell Dynamics
Jean-François Joanny, Jacques Prost
2. A Physical Model of Cellular Symmetry Breaking
Jasper Gucht, Cécile Sykes
3. Motor Proteins as Nanomachines: The Roles of Thermal Fluctuations in Generating Force and Motion
Jonathon Howard

Leake, Mark C. - Biophysics of Infection, e-kirja

Biophysics of Infection

Leake, Mark C.


Using Biophysics to Monitor the Essential Protonmotive Force in Bacteria
Mei-Ting Chen, Chien-Jung Lo
7. The Type I Restriction Enzymes as Barriers to Horizontal Gene Transfer: Determination of the DNA Target Sequences Recognised by Livestock-Associated Methicillin-Resistant

Li, Guohui - Membrane Biophysics, e-kirja

Membrane Biophysics

Li, Guohui


Table of contents
1. Composition and Function of Cell Membranes
Mingjun Cai, Jing Gao, Hongda Wang
2. History and Traditional Techniques of Studying the Structure of Cell Membranes
Jing Gao, Hongda Wang
3. Imaging Membranes by High-Resolution…

Solaro, R. John - Biophysics of the Failing Heart, e-kirja

Biophysics of the Failing Heart

Solaro, R. John


Introduction to the Biophysics of the Failing Heart
R. John Solaro, Jil C. Tardiff
2. Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Ca Homeostasis and Heart Failure
Aleksey V. Zima, Dmitry Terentyev
3. Ca-Homeostasis and Heart Failure: Focus on the Biophysics

Rassier, Dilson E. - Muscle Biophysics, e-kirja

Muscle Biophysics

Rassier, Dilson E.


Table of contents
1. Striated Muscles: From Molecules to Cells
Dilson E. Rassier
2. Contractile Performance of Striated Muscle
K. A. P. Edman
3. Energy Economy in the Actomyosin Interaction: Lessons from Simple Models
Steven L.…

Vos, Ken - Biophysics For Dummies, e-kirja

Biophysics For Dummies

Vos, Ken


The fun, easy way to get up to speed on biophysics concepts, principles, and practices
One of the most diverse of modern scientific disciplines, biophysics applies methods and technologies from physics to the

Bhushan, Bharat - Biophysics of Skin and Its Treatments, e-kirja

Biophysics of Skin and Its Treatments

Bhushan, Bharat


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bharat Bhushan
2. Skin and Skin Cream
Bharat Bhushan
3. Experimental Techniques
Bharat Bhushan
Part I. Rat Skin—Virgin
4. Adhesion, Friction, and Wear of Rat Skin With and Without a Common…