Haku "Biochemical Engineering"

D., Prasanna B. - Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering, e-kirja

Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering

D., Prasanna B.


Table of contents
1. Selection of Medium and Optimization of Process Parameters for Melanin Biosynthesis from Pseudomonas stutzeri HMGM-7
Harsha Thaira, Shraddha S. Bhosle, Rajmohan Balakrishnan, Keyur Raval
2. Unstructured Kinetic Modeling…

Galan, Miguel A. - Chemical Engineering: Trends and Developments, e-kirja

Chemical Engineering: Trends and Developments

Galan, Miguel A.


Unlike extensive major reference works or handbooks, Chemical Engineering: Trends and Developments provides readers with a ready-reference to latest techniques in selected areas of chemical engineering where research is and will be focused in the

Asua, Jose - Polymer Reaction Engineering, e-kirja

Polymer Reaction Engineering

Asua, Jose


Polymer Reaction Engineering provides the link between the fundamentals of polymerization kinetics and polymer microstructure achieved in the reactor. Organized according to the type of polymerization, each chapter starts with a description of the main polymers

Han, Song-I - NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering, e-kirja

NMR Imaging in Chemical Engineering

Han, Song-I


Written by the internationally recognized top experts from academia and industry, this first book dedicated to the topic provides an overview of existing methods and strategies to solve individual problems in chemical engineering. Written in a simple and lively