Haku "Astrophysics and Astroparticles"

Falkenburg, Brigitte - From Ultra Rays to Astroparticles, e-kirja

From Ultra Rays to Astroparticles

Falkenburg, Brigitte


Evolution of Astrophysics: Stars, Galaxies, Dark Matter, and Particle Acceleration
Peter L. Biermann
5. Development of Ultra High-Energy Cosmic Ray Research
Karl-Heinz Kampert, Alan A. Watson
6. Very-High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy: A 23-Year Success

Courvoisier, Thierry J.-L. - High Energy Astrophysics, e-kirja

High Energy Astrophysics

Courvoisier, Thierry J.-L.


Table of contents
1. The Framework
Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier
2. Radiation of an Accelerated Charge
Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier
3. Bremsstrahlung
Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier
4. Cyclotron Line Emission
Thierry J.-L. Courvoisier

Milone, Eugene F. - Solar System Astrophysics, e-kirja

Solar System Astrophysics

Milone, Eugene F.


Table of contents
1. Perceptions of the Solar System in History
Eugene F. Milone, William J. F. Wilson
2. Basic Tools and Concepts
Eugene F. Milone, William J. F. Wilson
3. Celestial Mechanics
Eugene F. Milone, William J. F. Wilson

Bambi, Cosimo - Astrophysics of Black Holes, e-kirja

Astrophysics of Black Holes

Bambi, Cosimo


Table of contents
1. Black Hole Accretion Discs
Jean-Pierre Lasota
2. Transient Black Hole Binaries
Tomaso M. Belloni, Sara E. Motta
3. Black Hole Spin: Theory and Observation
M. Middleton
4. Winds from Black Hole Accretion…

Maciel, Walter J. - Astrophysics of the Interstellar Medium, e-kirja

Astrophysics of the Interstellar Medium

Maciel, Walter J.


Table of contents
1. General Overview of the Interstellar Medium
Walter J. Maciel
2. The Interstellar Radiation Field
Walter J. Maciel
3. Spectral Line Formation
Walter J. Maciel
4. Interstellar Emission and Absorption Lines

Kogure, Tomokazu - The Astrophysics of Emission-Line Stars, e-kirja

The Astrophysics of Emission-Line Stars

Kogure, Tomokazu


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Tomokazu Kogure, Kam-Ching Leung
Part I. Stellar Atmospheres and Formation of Emission Lines
2. Stellar Spectra and Radiation Fields
Tomokazu Kogure, Kam-Ching Leung
3. Dynamic Processes in Stellar…

Walter, Roland - Astrophysics at Very High Energies, e-kirja

Astrophysics at Very High Energies

Walter, Roland


Table of contents
1. Gamma Rays at Very High Energies
Felix Aharonian
2. Multi-Messenger Astronomy and Dark Matter
Lars Bergström
3. Sources of GeV Photons and the Fermi Results
Charles D. Dermer

Diego, Jose M. - Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics V, e-kirja

Highlights of Spanish Astrophysics V

Diego, Jose M.


GUAIX: The UCM Group of Extragalactic Astrophysics and Astronomical Instrumentation
J. Gallego, N. Cardiel, J. Zamorano, J. Gorgas, A. Castillo-Morales, M. C. Eliche-Moral, A. Gil Paz, S. Pascual, P. G. Pérez-González, R. Guzmán, G. Barro, C. Díaz, N. Espino,

Tsinganos, Kanaris - Protostellar Jets in Context, e-kirja

Protostellar Jets in Context

Tsinganos, Kanaris


Laboratory Astrophysics: Episodic Jet Ejections
Alberto Marocchino, Jeremy P. Chittenden, Andrea Ciardi, Francisco A. Suzuki-Vidal, Chantal Stehle
61. Parameter Study in Disk Jet Systems
Petros Tzeferacos, Attilio Ferrari, Andrea Mignone, Silvano Massaglia,

Bisnovatyi-Kogan, Gennady S. - Stellar Physics, e-kirja

Stellar Physics

Bisnovatyi-Kogan, Gennady S.


Table of contents
1. Star Formation
Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
2. Pre-Main Sequence Evolution
Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
3. Nuclear Evolution of Stars
Gennady S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan
4. Collapse and Supernovae
Gennady S.…