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Moché, Dinah L. - Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide, e-kirja

Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide

Moché, Dinah L.


Discover the wonders of the night sky with this bestselling astronomy guide
For a generation, Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers worldwide to the night sky. Now this classic beginner's guide has been completely revised to bring it up to date

Tonkin, Stephen - Binocular Astronomy, e-kirja

Binocular Astronomy

Tonkin, Stephen


Table of contents
Part I. Binoculars
1. Why Binoculars?
Stephen Tonkin
2. Binocular Optics and Mechanics
Stephen Tonkin
3. Choosing Binoculars
Stephen Tonkin
4. Evaluating Binoculars
Stephen Tonkin
5. Care and Maintenance…

Seargent, David A.J. - Weird Astronomy, e-kirja

Weird Astronomy

Seargent, David A.J.


Table of contents
1. Our Weird Moon
David A. J. Seargent
2. Odd but Interesting Events Near the Sun
David A. J. Seargent
3. Planetary Weirdness
David A. J. Seargent
4. Weird Meteors
David A. J. Seargent
5. Strange Stars…

Roth, Günter D. - Handbook of Practical Astronomy, e-kirja

Handbook of Practical Astronomy

Roth, Günter D.


Table of contents
1. Why Astronomy?
Günter D. Roth
2. Fundamentals of Spherical Astronomy
Michael Gottwald
3. Applied Mathematics and the Computer
Michael Gottwald
4. Optics and Telescopes
Bernd Weisheit
5. Telescope Mountings, Drives, and Electrical Equipment
Bernd Weisheit
6. Astrophotography

Ashley, Joseph - Video Astronomy on the Go, e-kirja

Video Astronomy on the Go

Ashley, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Astronomy from a Video Perspective
Joseph Ashley
2. The Anatomy of a Video Camera
Joseph Ashley
3. Assembling Your Video Astronomy Kit
Joseph Ashley
4. Light Pollution and Filters
Joseph Ashley
5. The Solar System and Video Astronomy
Joseph Ashley
6. Deep Space

Macchetto, F. Duccio - The Impact of HST on European Astronomy, e-kirja

The Impact of HST on European Astronomy

Macchetto, F. Duccio


Table of contents
1. Hot Massive Stars: The Impact of HST
Paul A. Crowther
2. HST Spectroscopy of the Hottest White Dwarfs
Thomas Rauch, Klaus Werner
3. Key Abundance Tracers in the UV: From the Lightest to the Heaviest

Chen, James L. - Astronomy for Older Eyes, e-kirja

Astronomy for Older Eyes

Chen, James L.


Amateur Astronomy and Its Aging Practitioners
James L. Chen, Adam Chen
2. Why Astronomy?
James L. Chen, Adam Chen
3. Keeping Healthy, Active, and Backyard Astronomy
James L. Chen, Adam Chen
4. Older Eyes, Cataracts, Lasik and Laser Eye Surgery

Dicati, Renato - Stamping Through Astronomy, e-kirja

Stamping Through Astronomy

Dicati, Renato


The Revival of Astronomy and the Copernican Revolution
Renato Dicati
5. Galileo and the New Views of the Sky
Renato Dicati
6. The Mechanical Universe
Renato Dicati
7. The Development of Instrumentation
Renato Dicati
8. Observations and