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Spivey, Dwight - Home Automation For Dummies, e-kirja

Home Automation For Dummies

Spivey, Dwight


The easy way to control your home appliances
Do you want to control common household appliances and amenities from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you happen to be? Home Automation For Dummies guides you through installing and setting up app-controlled devices in your home, such

Breuning, K. Hero - Digital Planning and Custom Orthodontic Treatment, e-kirja

Digital Planning and Custom Orthodontic Treatment

Breuning, K. Hero


   Covers 3D imaging of the dentition and the face with intraoral scanners, CBCT machines, and 3D facial scanners Provides a complete guide to using digital treatment planning to improve the predictability, efficiency, and efficacy of orthodontic treatment Discusses CAD/CAM fabrication of appliances

Johnson, Tony - Basics of Dental Technology: A Step by Step Approach, e-kirja

Basics of Dental Technology: A Step by Step Approach

Johnson, Tony


Now available in a second edition, Basics of Dental Technology is a complete reference for the current techniques and materials used in dental technology. Retains the accessible, task-based approach and step-by-step guidance of the first edition Features…

Grosvenor, Michael - Energy-Saving Tips For Dummies, e-kirja

Energy-Saving Tips For Dummies

Grosvenor, Michael


Discover how to: Make simple changes to reduce home energy bills Choose energy-efficient appliances Work at cutting energy use in your workplace Drive more efficiently Explore other transport options

Linfield, Rachel Sparks - Planning for Learning through Houses and Homes, e-kirja

Planning for Learning through Houses and Homes

Linfield, Rachel Sparks


The weekly themes in this book include: my home, decorating, furniture and appliances, taking care of the home, the garden, home for sale! and the housewarming. If children in your care are interested in role-playing home making then this book has plenty of ideas to