Haku "Animal Ecology"

Adams, Rick A. - Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation, e-kirja

Bat Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation

Adams, Rick A.


Table of contents
Part I. Evolutionary Patterns
1. How to Grow a Bat Wing
Lisa Noelle Cooper, Karen E. Sears
2. Time’s Arrow in the Evolutionary Development of Bat Flight
Rick A. Adams, Jason B. Shaw
3. Evolution of Echolocation
M. Brock Fenton
4. Nasal-Emission and Nose leaves
Scott C. Pedersen,

Eadie, Edward N. - Education for Animal Welfare, e-kirja

Education for Animal Welfare

Eadie, Edward N.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Edward N. Eadie
2. Educational Themes Related to Reduction in Animal Suffering
Edward N. Eadie
3. Educational Contexts Involved in Reduction in Animal Suffering
Edward N. Eadie

Eadie, Edward N. - Understanding Animal Welfare, e-kirja

Understanding Animal Welfare

Eadie, Edward N.


Science of Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Edward N. Eadie
7. Practical Ethics in Achievement of Direct Reform
Edward N. Eadie
8. Politics of Animal Protection
Edward N. Eadie
9. Legislative Enactment for Animal Protection
Edward N. Eadie

Siegel, Volker - Biology and Ecology of Antarctic Krill, e-kirja

Biology and Ecology of Antarctic Krill

Siegel, Volker


Table of contents
1. Introducing Antarctic Krill Euphausia superba Dana, 1850
Volker Siegel
2. Distribution, Biomass and Demography of Antarctic Krill, Euphausia superba
Volker Siegel, Jonathan L. Watkins
3. Age, Growth, Mortality,…

Müller-Schwarze, Dietland - Hands-On Chemical Ecology:, e-kirja

Hands-On Chemical Ecology:

Müller-Schwarze, Dietland


Search for “Chemical Ecology Stories” in the Forest or Other Ecosystem
Dietland Müller-Schwarze
12. Test for Cyanogenic Compounds in Plants
Dietland Müller-Schwarze
13. Herbivory and a Simple Field Test for Total Phenolics in Trees

Kuczaj, Stan A. - Personality in Nonhuman Animals, e-kirja

Personality in Nonhuman Animals

Kuczaj, Stan A.


A History of Animal Personality Research
Will Whitham, David A. Washburn
Part II. Models and Perspectives in the Study of Personality
2. Exploring Factor Space (and Other Adventures) with the Hominoid Personality Questionnaire
Alexander Weiss

Gonzaga, Marcelo O. - Behaviour and Ecology of Spiders, e-kirja

Behaviour and Ecology of Spiders

Gonzaga, Marcelo O.


Table of contents
1. Curves, Maps and Hotspots: The Diversity and Distribution of Araneomorph Spiders in the Neotropics
Adalberto J. Santos, Antonio D. Brescovit, Márcia Oliveira-Tomasi, Philip Russo, Ubirajara Oliveira
2. Behavior and Biology…

Jonsson, Bror - Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout, e-kirja

Ecology of Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout

Jonsson, Bror


Table of contents
1. Habitats as Template for Life Histories
Bror Jonsson, Nina Jonsson
2. Species Diversity
Bror Jonsson, Nina Jonsson
3. Habitat Use
Bror Jonsson, Nina Jonsson
4. Development and Growth
Bror Jonsson, Nina…