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Johnson, Ben - The Alchemist, e-kirja

The Alchemist

Johnson, Ben


Ben Johnson's comedy 'The Alchemist' is one of the most enduring Renaissance plays. It was extremely popular in its day, and is one of the few plays from that era (except of course those of Shakespeare) that are still played today.

Gabrovsky, Alexander N. - Chaucer the Alchemist, e-kirja

Chaucer the Alchemist

Gabrovsky, Alexander N.


Table of contents
Part I. Physics
1. Introduction: Chaucer’s Sublunar Region of Mutable Forms
Alexander N. Gabrovsky
2. Thought Experiments in Geffrey’s Dream: The Poetics of Motus Localis, Measurement, and Relativity in the House of…

Page, Chris - Veneficus, e-kirja


Page, Chris


A veneficus is a Dark Ages hybrid of sorcerer, magician, hermit, alchemist, oracle, wizard and wax-pale ghost. Savage death stalks the venefical gift, those who oppose it and those who support it. The fate of Wessex lies in the enchanted hands of Merlin, the current

Page, Chris - Gemini Thunder, e-kirja

Gemini Thunder

Page, Chris


This book picks up where Book One, Veneficus – Stones of the Chosen, left off... The Viking are coming! The most savage and vicious raiders of Britain’s history have sent a large force of ninety longships to capture Wessex under the command of Guthrum,…

Page, Chris - Call of the Kings, e-kirja

Call of the Kings

Page, Chris


The French and English kings are at war, the Viking invaders are still causing mayhem having integrated into the Wessex landscape, and local warlord’s battle to gain a foothold on the Celts territory in any way they can. Twilight, the now old veneficus…