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Mottier, Veronique - Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction, e-kirja

Sexuality: A Very Short Introduction

Mottier, Veronique


Is our sexuality a product of our genes, or of society, culture, and politics? How have views of sexual norms changed over time? And how have feminism, religion, and HIV/AIDS affected our attitudes to sex? This Very Short Introduction examines these

Murphy, Kevin P. - Historicising Gender and Sexuality, e-kirja

Historicising Gender and Sexuality

Murphy, Kevin P.


Historicising Gender and Sexuality features a diverse collection of essays that shed new light on the historical intersections between gender and sexuality across time and space.Features a wide and diverse range of scholarship to explore the historical

Lehu, Pierre A. - Sex For Dummies, e-kirja

Sex For Dummies

Lehu, Pierre A.


Everything you need to know about sex in the 21st century
S-e-x isn’t a bad three-letter word—but many of us are afraid to talk about it. In this new edition of the fun and comprehensive guide to sex, you’ll find out how to approach intimacy

Lehmiller, Justin J. - The Psychology of Human Sexuality, e-kirja

The Psychology of Human Sexuality

Lehmiller, Justin J.


The Psychology of Human Sexuality offers a comprehensive overview of human sexual behavior from a biopsychosocial perspective. The text highlights psychological research and theory on human sexuality whilst also considering the biological, evolutionary,

Bateman, Victoria - The Sex Factor: How Women Made the West Rich, e-kirja

The Sex Factor: How Women Made the West Rich

Bateman, Victoria


Why did the West become so rich? Why is inequality rising? How ‘free’ should markets be? And what does sex have to do with it?
In this passionate and skilfully argued book, leading feminist Victoria Bateman shows how we can only understand the burning economic issues of our time