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 - By its Cover, e-kirja

By its Cover


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. A Union of Function and form
3. Americanizing Utopia
4. Modernism and Beyond
5. The Bland Breeding the Bland
6. The Pillaged, Parodied, and Profound
7. Redefine and Redesign

Cover, Thomas M. - Elements of Information Theory, e-kirja

Elements of Information Theory

Cover, Thomas M.

Alk. 91,75€

All the essential topics in information theory are covered in detail, including entropy, data compression, channel capacity, rate distortion, network information theory, and hypothesis testing. The authors provide readers with a solid understanding of the underlying

Kennedy, Joyce Lain - Cover Letters For Dummies<sup>&#174;</sup>, e-kirja

Cover Letters For Dummies®

Kennedy, Joyce Lain


Cover letters are alive and sell! When they’re written right, that is. To stand out in today’s sea of qualified job seekers, learn to craft riveting new breeds of cover letters, create vibrant images online, and discover sensational self-marketing

Veress, Márton - Covered Karsts, e-kirja

Covered Karsts

Veress, Márton


Table of contents
1. General Description of Karst
Márton Veress
2. Study Areas
Márton Veress
3. Methods
Márton Veress
4. Classification of Covered Karsts
Márton Veress
5. Covered Karst Landforms
Márton Veress
6. Covered Karst Processes
Márton Veress
7. Landform Evolution

Beatty, Richard H. - The Perfect Cover Letter, e-kirja

The Perfect Cover Letter

Beatty, Richard H.


Write the perfect cover letter every time!
With fewer job opportunities and more applicants, just being qualified isn't enough to get the job you want. So how can you separate yourself from the pack? With the perfect cover letter, of course! With

Pukkala, Timo - Continuous Cover Forestry, e-kirja

Continuous Cover Forestry

Pukkala, Timo


Continuous Cover Forestry in Finland – Recent Research Results
Timo Pukkala, Erkki Lähde, Olavi Laiho
4. Regulation of Timber Yield Sustainability for Tropical and Subtropical Moist Forests: Ecosilvicultural Paradigms and Economic Constraints

Rahkonen, Juha - Alien Cover, e-kirja

Alien Cover

Rahkonen, Juha


...Ellen Ripleyn klooni oli kuollut runsaat neljäkymmentä vuotta sitten Alien-sodassa maapallolla. Yhtiö oli käytännössä tehnyt maasta kodin noille hirviöille, jotka se halusi ”tutkittavakseen”. Oliot, joilla oli musta iho, verenään happo,…

Ryan, Robin - Winning Cover Letters, e-kirja

Winning Cover Letters

Ryan, Robin


This newly updated Second Edition features even more Winning Cover Letters, examples of what not to do, and new chapters on using the Internet, marketing yourself, and much more:
* Fatal mistakes to avoid as viewed by human resources professionals who've seen