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Guzmán, Carlos A. - Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, e-kirja

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Guzmán, Carlos A.


Protein Pharmaceuticals: Discovery and Preclinical Development
Davinder S. Gill
4. The Role of Nanobiotechnology in Drug Discovery
Kewal K. Jain
5. Conotoxin Venom Peptide Therapeutics
Richard J. Lewis
6. Shark Novel Antigen Receptors—The

Rowe, Philip - Essential Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Sciences, e-kirja

Essential Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Sciences

Rowe, Philip


Essential Statistics for the Pharmaceutical Sciences is a clear, accessible introduction to the key statistical techniques employed for the analysis of data within this subject area. Written in a concise and logical manner, the book explains why statistics

Rai, Mahendra - Nanotechnology Applied To Pharmaceutical Technology, e-kirja

Nanotechnology Applied To Pharmaceutical Technology

Rai, Mahendra


Table of contents
Part I. General
1. Bioinspired Metal Nanoparticles with Special Reference to Mechanism
Magdalena Wypij, Patrycja Golinska
2. Nano-antimicrobials: A Viable Approach to Tackle Multidrug-Resistant Pathogens
Bushra Jamil, Muhammad Ali Syed
3. Nanoliposomes as a Platform for Delivery of Antimicrobials

Carlton, Robert Allen - Pharmaceutical Microscopy, e-kirja

Pharmaceutical Microscopy

Carlton, Robert Allen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Robert Allen Carlton
2. Polarized Light Microscopy
Robert Allen Carlton
3. Thermal Microscopy
Robert Allen Carlton
4. Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometry