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Askari, Arman T. - Antithrombotic Drug Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease, e-kirja

Antithrombotic Drug Therapy in Cardiovascular Disease

Askari, Arman T.


Table of contents
1. Platelets in Arterial Thrombosis
Edward F. Plow, Peter Kelly
2. The Role of Coagulation in Arterial and Venous Thrombosis
Kandice Kottke-Marchant
3. The Link Between Inflammation and Thrombosis
John H. Cleator, Mark Robbins
4. The Genetics of Thrombosis
Svati H. Shah, Richard

Gerber, Simon - Human Blood Plasma Proteins: Structure and Function, e-kirja

Human Blood Plasma Proteins: Structure and Function

Gerber, Simon


Topics covered include: introduction to blood components and blood plasma proteins blood plasma protein domains, motifs and repeats blood plasma protein families and posttranslational modifications blood coagulation and fibrinolysis the complement system the immune

Abutalib, Syed A. - Nonmalignant Hematology, e-kirja

Nonmalignant Hematology

Abutalib, Syed A.


Coagulation Cascade and Fibrinolysis Pathway: Assessment in the Laboratory
Lindsey A. George, Michele P. Lambert
21. Abnormalities in the Fibrinolysis Pathway and Clinical Implications
Hau C. Kwaan, Brandon J. McMahon