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Ph.D., Hubert Rampersad, , - Authentic Governance, e-kirja

Authentic Governance

Ph.D., Hubert Rampersad, ,


Authentic Personal Governance
3. Personal Ambition
Hubert Rampersad, Saleh Hussain
4. Personal Balanced Scorecard
Hubert Rampersad, Saleh Hussain
5. Personal Governance
Hubert Rampersad, Saleh Hussain
6. Alignment with Yourself

Armstrong, Gary - The Authentic Tawney, e-kirja

The Authentic Tawney

Armstrong, Gary


R.H. Tawney is an iconic thinker in British left-wing circles, whose writings during the early-mid 20th century helped to forge the direction of democratic socialist thinking and Labour Party policies. This book provides a fresh and accessible guide…

Webster-Wright, Ann - Authentic Professional Learning, e-kirja

Authentic Professional Learning

Webster-Wright, Ann


Table of contents
1. Professional Learning at Work
Ann Webster-Wright
2. Mapping the Research Terrain
Ann Webster-Wright
3. A Phenomenological Perspective
Ann Webster-Wright
4. Delving into Methodology
Ann Webster-Wright
5. Authentic Professional Learning
Ann Webster-Wright
6. Rhetoric

Sellars, Maura - Numeracy in Authentic Contexts, e-kirja

Numeracy in Authentic Contexts

Sellars, Maura


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction to Book: Understanding Numeracy
1. Mathematics and Numeracy in a Global Society
Maura Sellars
2. Teaching and Learning for Numeracy Competence
Maura Sellars
3. The Mathematical Brain

Kennedy, Gavin - An Authentic Account of Adam Smith, e-kirja

An Authentic Account of Adam Smith

Kennedy, Gavin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Gavin Kennedy
2. How Adam Smith Learned to Bargain
Gavin Kennedy
3. Adam Smith on Rhetoric and Perspicuity
Gavin Kennedy
4. Adam Smith on Metaphors
Gavin Kennedy
5. Adam Smith and the…