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Pearsall, Derek - Arthurian Romance: A Short Introduction, e-kirja

Arthurian Romance: A Short Introduction

Pearsall, Derek


This witty and accessible book traces the history of Arthurian romance from medieval to modern times, explaining its enduring appeal.
Traces the history of Arthurian romance from medieval to modern times.
Covers art and films as well as the great

Gridley, Neil - Brand Romance, e-kirja

Brand Romance

Gridley, Neil


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yasushi Kusume, Neil Gridley
Part 1. Know Who You Are
2. Commitment 1: Think of Your Brand as a Person
Yasushi Kusume, Neil Gridley
Part 2. Know Your Audience
3. Commitment 2: Understand Short-…

Foley, Susan K. - A Political Romance, e-kirja

A Political Romance

Foley, Susan K.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: ‘What admirable pages!’
Susan K. Foley, Charles Sowerwine
Part I. Years of Hope, 1872–1877
2. ‘The unforgettable day of 27 April’
Susan K. Foley, Charles Sowerwine
3. ‘I want you to…

Mulready, Cyrus - Romance on the Early Modern Stage, e-kirja

Romance on the Early Modern Stage

Mulready, Cyrus


Chronicle History, Cosmopolitan Romance: Henry V and the Generic Boundaries of the Second Tetralogy
Cyrus Mulready
6. Containing Romance and Plotting Empire in The Tempest and Pericles
Cyrus Mulready
7. Milton’s

Davis, Emily S. - Rethinking the Romance Genre, e-kirja

Rethinking the Romance Genre

Davis, Emily S.


Rewriting the Colonial Romance: Global Intimacies between Women
Emily S. Davis
4. The Gothic Global: Capitalist Excesses, Postcolonial Returns
Emily S. Davis
5. The Intimacies of Globalization: Bodies and Borders On-Screen
Emily S. Davis

Zurcher, Amelia A. - Seventeenth–Century English Romance, e-kirja

Seventeenth–Century English Romance

Zurcher, Amelia A.


Incest, Rivalry, and Succession: Romance and the Problem of Sociality
Amelia A. Zurcher
4. The Trials of Love: Interest and Social Bonds in Midcentury Romance
Amelia A. Zurcher
5. Interest, the Sovereign Hero, and the End of Romance
Amelia A. Zurcher