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Marks, Gil - Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, e-kirja

Encyclopedia of Jewish Food

Marks, Gil


A comprehensive, A-to-Z guide to Jewish foods, recipes, and culinary traditions
Food is more than just sustenance. It's a reflection of a community's history, culture, and values. From India to Israel to the United States and everywhere in between, Jewish

Kepnes, Steven - The Future of Jewish Theology, e-kirja

The Future of Jewish Theology

Kepnes, Steven


This engaging argument for the future of Jewish theology, written by a renowned Jewish scholar, provides a rounded introduction to the faith, its history, and its place in the modern world. Explores foundational Jewish

Roudinesco, Elisabeth - Revisiting the Jewish Question, e-kirja

Revisiting the Jewish Question

Roudinesco, Elisabeth

Alk. 26,75€

What does it mean to be Jewish? What is an anti-Semite? Why does the enigmatic identity of the men who founded the first monotheistic religion arouse such passions?

We need to return to the Jewish question. We need, first, to distinguish

Frosh, Stephen - Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’, e-kirja

Hate and the ‘Jewish Science’

Frosh, Stephen


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Stephen Frosh
Part I. Freud, Jews and Anti-Semitism
2. Freud’s Jewish Identity
Stephen Frosh
3. A Hostile World: Facing Anti-Semitism
Stephen Frosh
Part II. Psychoanalysis, Nazism and ‘Jewish Science’
4. Psychoanalysis, Nazism and ‘Jewish Science’