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Su, Bin - China's Energy Efficiency and Conservation, e-kirja

China's Energy Efficiency and Conservation

Su, Bin


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Bin Su, Elspeth Thomson
2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation in China’s Power Sector: Progress and Prospects
Jiahai Yuan, Chunning Na, Mian Yang
3. Efficiency in China’s Power Sector: Evidence from a Large Dataset of Power Plants
Chunbo Ma
4. Efficiency Improvement

Noblit, George W. - International Handbook of Urban Education, e-kirja

International Handbook of Urban Education

Noblit, George W.


Urban-Rural Disparities in Educational Equality: China's Pressing Challenge in a Context of Economic Growth and Political Change
Rui Yang
13. Equity and Social Justice in Australian Education Systems: Retrospect and Prospect