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Proceedings of International Conference on Communication and Networks

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Table of contents

1. A Novice Approach for Web Application Security
Jignesh Doshi, Bhushan Trivedi

2. Correlation Between Text Book Usage and Academic Performance of Student in Higher Education Using ‘R’
Shanti Verma, Jignesh Doshi

3. Human Computer Interaction Through Hand Gestures for Home Automation Using Microsoft Kinect
Smit Desai, Apurva Desai

4. Enhancement of Security in IoTSyS Framework
Hetal B. Pandya, Tushar A. Champaneria

5. Segmentation and Recognition of Fingers Using Microsoft Kinect
Smit Desai

6. Randomness Evaluation of ZUC, SNOW and GRAIN Stream Ciphers
Darshana Upadhya, Shripal Gandhi

7. MSECHP: More Stable Election of Cluster Head Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network
Kameshkumar R. Raval, Nilesh Modi

8. Use of ICT for Development of Smart City-Ahmedabad
Aditya Patel, Mansi Joshi

9. Optimization of the Neighbor Parameter of k-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm for Collaborative Filtering
Vimalkumar B. Vaghela, Himalay H. Pathak

10. The Efficient Scheme for Contention Reduction in Bufferless OBS Network
Dilip H. Patel, Kiritkumar Bhatt, Vedvyas Dwivedi

11. Empowering Throughput Over Proactive Wireless Network Using Multistreaming
R. Dhaya, F. Abul Hasan, R. Kanthavel

12. Control of Robot Using Neural Networks
Nikhil Nagori, Sagar Nandu, Alpa Reshamwala

13. Achieving Energy Aware Mechanism in Cloud Computing Environment
Komal Patel, Hiren Patel, Nimisha Patel

14. Information Security Emergency Plan Management System
K. Lingaraj, N. Sreekanth, Moddiudin Kaja, K. M. S. Lokesh, Keni Prashanth, V. Biradhar Nagaveni

15. Reliability-Aware Workflow Scheduling Using Monte Carlo Failure Estimation in Cloud
Nidhi Rehani, Ritu Garg

16. Realization of Virtual Resource Management Framework in IaaS Cloud Federation
Anant V. Nimkar, Soumya K. Ghosh

17. Designing an Enhanced Simulation Module for Multimedia Transmission Over Wireless Standards
Mayank Patel, Naveen Choudhary

18. Mitigating Data Segregation and Privacy Issues in Cloud Computing
Bansidhar Joshi, Bineet Joshi, Kritika Rani

19. Software Risk Measurement and Interpretation with Generated Precedence Matrix
Harshit Tripathi, Subhash Chand Gupta

20. IMSS: A Novel Approach to Design of Adaptive Search System Using Second Generation Big Data Analytics
Dheeraj Malhotra, O. P. Rishi

21. Energy Efficient Cluster Head Selection in Energy-LEACH
Hiral Pambhar, Kausa Aghera, Naren Tada

22. MMR-LEACH: Multi-tier Multi-hop Routing in LEACH Protocol
Kausa Aghera, Hiral Pambhar, Naren Tada

23. Cooperative Sensors for Identifying an Impulsive Events of Asynchronous Environment
N. Prabakaran, R. Jagadeesh Kannan

24. Trust Integrated Federated Architecture Ranking Service Models in Cloud Computing Environment
M Saravanan, M Aramudhan

25. Leakage Power Reduction Technique by Using Multigate FinFET in DSM Technology
Ajay Kumar Dadori, Kavita Khare, T. K. Gupta, R. P. Singh

26. Home Automation Using Single Board Computing as an Internet of Things Application
Suneha Ashok Patil, Vishwakarma Pinki

27. Objective Quality Assessments of Restoration Images
Rasool Reddy Kamireddy, Shivaramakrishna Punem, Supriya Jangala, Geetha Ramakrishna Dutt Chamarthi, Kota Yedukondalu Srinivas

28. miBEAT Based Continuous and Robust Biometric Identification System for On-the-Go Applications
Jayasubha Yathav, Abhijith Bailur, A. K. Goyal, Abhinav

29. Classification of Technical and Management Metrics in Object Oriented Software Engineering
Devesh Kumar Srivastava, Ayush Singh

30. Publish/Subscribe Mechanism for IoT: A Survey of Event Matching Algorithms and Open Research Challenges
Satvik Patel, Sunil Jardosh, Ashwin Makwana, Amit Thakkar

31. Chronic Kidney Disease Prediction Using Back Propagation Neural Network Algorithm
Nilesh Borisagar, Dipa Barad, Priyanka Raval

32. Internet of Things (IoT) Based Water Level Monitoring System for Smart Village
Timothy Malche, Priti Maheshwary

33. Application of Remote Sensing for Assessing Forest Cover Conditions of Aurangabad, (MS), India
Yogesh D. Rajendra, Sandip S. Thorat, Ajay D. Nagne, Manasi R. Baheti, Rajesh K. Dhumal, Amarsinh B. Varpe, S. C. Mehrotra, K. V. Kale

34. EncryScation: An Secure Approach for Data Security Using Encryption and Obfuscation Techniques for IaaS and DaaS Services in Cloud Environment
Krunal Suthar, Jayesh Patel

35. Prediction of Students Performance of an Institute Using ClassificationViaClustering and ClassificationViaRegression
Shiwani Rana, Roopali Garg

36. Feature Based Object Mining and Tagging Algorithm for Digital Images
Hiteshree Lad, Mayuri A. Mehta

37. Exploratory Assessment Based Child Nodes Selection (EACNS): Energy Efficient Multicast Routing Topology for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
N. Papanna, A. Rama Mohan Reddy, M. Seetha

38. Improved EAACK to Overcome Attacks in MANET and Wireless Sensor Networks
Pranjali Deepak Nikam

39. An Efficient System Model for Multicasting Measured Noise Value of Polluting Industries
Naresh Kannan, Krishnamoorthy Arasu, R. Jagadeesh Kannan, R. Ganesan

40. Internet of Things Based Smart Home with Intel Edison
Shruti M. Patel, Shailaja Y. Kanawade

41. Image Classification Using Discrete Block Truncation Coding
Komal Supe, Kajal Jaiswal, Almas Khan, Vijay Katkar, Premal Nirmal

42. Preprocessing of Log Files Using Diffusion Map for Forensic Examination
T. Raja Sree, S. Mary Saira Bhanu

43. An Efficient and Robust Image Steganographic Technique Without Stuffing Data Bits
K. S. Sadasiva rao, A. Damodaram

44. Security Requirements for Internet of Things (IoT)
Shruti Jaiswal, Daya Gupta

45. Identity Based Secure RSA Encryption System
Meenal Jain, Manoj Singh

46. Using Genetic Algorithm for Process Migration in Multicore Kernels
K. S. Shravya, Ankit Deepak, K. Chandrasekaran

47. An Extensive Conception of Reusability in Software Component Engineering
Devesh Kumar Srivastava, Priyanka Nair

48. Opportunistic Location Update—A Novel Cost Efficient Reactive Approach to Remove Pauses in Cellular Networks
Kalpesh A. Popat, Priyanka Sharma

49. Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process for Software Durability: Security Risks Perspective
Rajeev Kumar, Suhel Ahmad Khan, Raees Ahmad Khan

50. Sorted K-Means Towards the Enhancement of K-Means to Form Stable Clusters
Preeti Arora, Deepali Virmani, Himanshu Jindal, Mritunjaya Sharma

51. Target Tracking Accuracy in Context of Energy Consumption in Wireless Sensor Network
Niteen Patel, Mehul S. Raval

52. Security in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Pimal Khanpara, Bhushan Trivedi

53. Design of Ultra Low Power Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillator
Bhavana Goyal, Shruti Suman, P. K. Ghosh

54. A Dynamic Session Oriented Clustering Approach for Detecting Intrusions in Databases
Indu Singh, Poornima, Nitish Kumar

55. Cognitive Decision Making for Object Recognition by Humanoid System
Ashish Chandiok, D. K. Chaturvedi

56. Comprehensive Trust Based Scheme to Combat Malicious Nodes in MANET Based Cyber Physical Systems
N. Bhalaji, Chithra Selvaraj

57. A Review on Wireless Mobile Communication Systems Generations and Integration
G. C. Manna, Bhavana Jharia

58. Reducing the Cold-User and Cold-Item Problem in Recommender System by Reducing the Sparsity of the Sparse Matrix and Addressing the Diversity-Accuracy Problem
K. R. Bindu, Rhama Lalgudi Visweswaran, P. C. Sachin, Kundavai Devi Solai, Soundarya Gunasekaran

59. Differential Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillators—A Review
Tripti Kackar, Shruti Suman, P. K. Ghosh

60. An Advanced Web-Based Bilingual Domain Independent Interface to Database Using Machine Learning Approach
Zorawar Virk, Mohit Dua

61. Comparison of ABC Framework with AHP, Wiegers Method, Cost-Value, Priority Groups for Requirements Prioritization
Sita Devulapalli, O R S Rao, Akhil Khare

62. Scalability Analysis of Medium Access Control Protocols for Internet of Things
Nurzaman Ahmed, Hafizur Rahman, Md. Iftekhar Hussain

63. A Review on Comparison of Workflow Scheduling Algorithms with Scientific Workflows
Aditi Jain, Raj Kumari

64. Predictive Approach of CBR in Artificial Intelligence: A Case of Astrological Predictions About the Status of Person
Neelam Chaplot, Praveen Dhyani, O. P. Rishi

65. Machine to Machine Sensor Network Implementation for Securing Railway Transport
Chitra Suman, Lokesh Tharani, Saurabh Maheshwari

66. Real Time Street Light System Using Low Power Microcontroller
Amey S. Laddad, Gayatri M. Phade

67. Dealing with Indian Jurisprudence by Analyzing the Web Mining Results of a Case of Cybercrimes
M. Gouri Shankar, P. Usha Gayatri, S. Niraja, K. Chandra Sekharaiah

68. New Approach for Performance and Security Enhancement in OCDMA Networks
Sumit Gupta, Aditya Goel

69. Decision-Based Spectral Embedding Approach for Identifying Facial Behaviour on RGB-D Images
Deepak Kumar Jain, Raj Kumar, Neha Jain

70. LTTC: A Load Testing Tool for Cloud
M. S. Geetha Devasena, V. Krishna Kumar, R. Kingsy Grace

71. A Hybrid Approach to Enhance the Security of Automated Teller Machine
Sabarna Choudhury, Shreyasi Bandyopadhyay, Satyaki Chatterjee, Rahul Dutta, Sourjya Dutta

72. A Novel Approach for Copy Move Forgery Detection Using Template Matching
Jyoti Yaduwanshi, Pratosh Bansal

73. Analysis of Rule Based Expert Systems Developed and Implemented for Career Selection
Shaily Thakar, Viral Nagori

74. A Pragmatic Analysis of Security and Integrity in Software Defined Networks
Drashti Dave, A. Nagaraju

75. Modern Approach for Vehicle Traffic Monitoring and Signal Management System in ITS
Sagar Sukode, Shilpa Gite

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