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Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Symposium (PROMS) 2015 Conference Proceedings

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Table of contents

1. Causal Rasch Models in Language Testing: An Application Rich Primer
A. Jackson Stenner, Mark Stone, William P. Fisher, Donald Burdick

2. Constructing the Human Figure Drawing Continuum: One Scale is ‘Good Enough’
Claire Campbell, Trevor Bond

3. Using MFRM and SEM in the Validation of Analytic Rating Scales of an English Speaking Assessment
Jinsong Fan, Trevor Bond

4. A Rasch Model Analysis of the “Four L2 Anxieties”
Matthew T. Apple

5. Examining the Psychometric Quality of a Modified Perceived Authenticity in Writing Scale with Rasch Measurement Theory
Nadia Behizadeh, George Engelhard

6. Multifaceted Rasch Analysis of Paired Oral Tasks for Japanese Learners of English
Rie Koizumi, Yo In’nami, Makoto Fukazawa

7. The Scale of Reflective Process in Social Work Practicum
Hui-Fang Chen, Gloria Hongyee Chan

8. Validation of the Pre-licensure Examination for Pre-service Teachers in Professional Education Using Rasch Analysis
Jovelyn Delosa

9. Accessing Gender Bias in Malaysian Secondary School Students’ Leadership Inventory (M3SLI)
Mei-Teng Ling, Vincent Pang

10. Measurement as a Medium for Communication and Social Action I: A Phenomenological View of Science and Society
William P. Fisher, Robert F. Cavanagh

11. Measurement as a Medium for Communication and Social Action II: The Promise and Power of Being Amodern
William P. Fisher, Robert F. Cavanagh

12. A Hyperbolic Cosine Unfolding Model for Evaluating Rater Accuracy in Writing Assessments
Jue Wang, George Engelhard

13. Analyses of Testlet Data
Wen-Chung Wang, Kuan-Yu Jin

14. From Standards to Rubrics: Comparing Full-Range to At-Level Applications of an Item-Level Scoring Rubric on an Oral Proficiency Assessment
Troy L. Cox, Randall S. Davies

15. Determination of the Primary School Cooks’ Knowledge, Attitude and Practice in Preparing Healthy School Meal Using Rasch Analysis
Zuraini Mat Issa, Wan Abdul Manan Wan Muda

16. Science Process Skill Assessment: Teachers Practice and Competency
Norlly Mohd Isa, Hamimah Abu Naim

17. A Structural Model of Situational Constructs Accounting for Willingness to Communicate at a Japanese University
Graham George Robson

18. Customer Voice Retaliation (CVR) Test: Constructs Verification
Nor Irvoni Mohd Ishar, Rosmimah Mohd Roslin

19. A Preliminary Validity Study of Scoring for Japanese Writing Test in China
Jin-Chun Huang, Kai-Mei Zhang, Quan Zhang

20. Verifying Measure of Supervisor-Rated Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) Relationship Using Rasch Model
Shereen Noranee, Rozilah Abdul Aziz, Norfadzilah Abdul Razak, Mohd Amli Abdullah

21. Reliability and Validity Evidence of Instrument Measuring Competencies for Superior Work Performance
Nornazira Suhairom, Aede Hatib Musta’amal, Nor Fadila Mohd Amin, Adibah Abdul Latif

22. Writing Assessment in University Entrance Examinations: The Case for “Indirect” Assessment
Kristy King Takagi

23. Developing and Evaluating a Questionnaire to Measure EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Learning Motivation
Mitsuko Tanaka

24. Using Person Fit and Person Response Functions to Examine the Validity of Person Scores in Computer Adaptive Tests
A. Adrienne Walker, George Engelhard

25. The Influence of Repetition Type on Question Difficulty
Paul Horness

26. A Comparison of Methods for Dimensionality Assessment of Categorical Item Responses
Chen-Wen Liu, Wen-Chung Wang

27. The Lexile Framework for Reading: An Introduction to What It Is and How to Use It
Malbert Smith, Jason Turner, Eleanor Sanford-Moore, Heather H. Koons

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