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How to Recognise Excellence in Executive Search

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ISBN: 9789529410880

Executive Search (informally Head Hunting) is the most effective way to locate, contact and attract skilled Executive Management talent. It is typically used when recruiting senior-level executives to Executive Management, CEO and Board Director positions, but also for Middle Management level positions.

Bob Olin worked in the Executive Search Industry for 33 years, the last 22 years in one of the world's top ten Executive Search Firms. He took part in over 1 000 Executive Search Assignments and met thousands of Business Executives. From all kinds of industries and all walks of life, successful and visionary top-level Business Leaders, Pioneers, Forerunners, Trendsetters in the Business World. In his book, Bob takes you on a thrilling journey into the world of Executive Search.

So, for whom exactly is this book, the target groups?

For all wondering about what it would be like to become a potential Candidate for an Executive Search Firm and those who want to have a look at how everything happens. Many are undoubtedly interested in knowing the answers to questions like: Can I become a Candidate? How? What happens to me then? What
is the Executive Search process like? What happens in an interview? What does it take to become a winning Candidate? This book provides answers to these questions and many more.

For every Chairman of the Board, every Board Professional, every CEO, every Senior Executive, every Personnel Director. Choosing the right Search Firm is of paramount importance. The Client is looking for a top search professional with outstanding business acumen. Finding the top leadership solutions for a Company is indeed a heavy responsibility and a sign of great trust. Not all Executive Search Firms are top-level Firms. This book advises on how to find, evaluate, and choose the right Firm, a Trusted Business Partner.

For all wondering about a career in the Executive Search industry and for those who would like to learn more about what the everyday work looks like, what are the pros and cons? What value can Executive Search give me? What value can I bring into Executive Search? Reading this book is an excellent way to compare your potential and your career ambitions with the challenges and opportunities in the Executive Search Industry.

For current students in universities and business schools, our future business leaders, but also for professors and the academic world in general. Even though a graduate still has some way to go before qualifying as a Candidate in an Executive Search Assignment, this book gives an insight into what it takes. Maybe sooner than many think, the graduates may become Candidates or even Clients of an Executive Search Firm. Knowing in advance what to expect is undoubtedly a benefit.

For all Executive Search firms, equally for experienced and seasoned professionals as well as for persons taking their first steps in the Industry, to give ideas and inspiration in their everyday work. To help attract top professionals when hiring new personnel. To help improve sales and business development activities. To help find and attract top-level Candidates for their Clients.

Never before has anyone summarised "everything" about Executive Search like this.

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